Four Play For The Price Of Two With The Xbox Live Gold Family Plan

Four Play For The Price Of Two With The Xbox Live Gold Family Plan

Microsoft gears up for the launch of family-friendly Kinect this spring with the Xbox Live Gold Family subscription plan, delivering four Xbox Live Gold memberships for the price of two, plus a host of new features and family-exclusive content.

This is why I need kids. Starting in November, Microsoft’s new Xbox Live Gold Family Pack will change the way families pay for and play with Xbox Live. Instead of signing up for an account for each member of the family or relying on guest accounts, the new plan gives a household four memberships to assign.

Along with the standard benefits of a Live Gold membership, the family plan also introduces new features, like the ability for one account to purchase and dole out Microsoft points to the rest, activity monitoring reports available through, and exclusive family content and discounts. The plan will also introduce the Family centre, a one-stop destination for family and account settings, accessible from the main Xbox dashboard.

The new plan should put an end to the dreaded gamerscore sharing many siblings have to endure, while providing a fun new way to ostracise the fifth member of your household.


  • YES !!

    I hope AU gets it as well fairly soon now that we have two teenagers. What I would really love to see is DLC being automatically available on two or three consoles in a home.

    • Yes DLC on multiple consoles would be good. I’m getting a 2nd 360 for the games room but the wife and I both want to play puzzle quest 2 next month. Her in the lounge, me in the games room… Not sure how they’d do this and avoid rorting but fingers crossed they find a way.

    • There’s nothing said about having multiple consoles. Not having that would probably take away over 50% of people being interested in this though (seriously how many families have 4 people who ALL play games ONLINE yet all share 1 Xbox?).

      It’s something they will have to figure out because I’m there are plenty of people who would like to utilize this for situations with multiple Xbox’s and for other than the “traditional family” for example why couldn’t 4 room/housemates utilize it?

      If it’s all limited to 1 console, well I’ll still be paying my own individual fee each month.

  • Meh, not that excited for something that should honestly be standard. I don’t mind paying the price for xbox live, but my brother shouldnt have to pay as well when we’re using the same console. Especially when there are online achievements, and games like MW2 with online levelling that is set to the gamertag, not a save profile.

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