Foxconn Employee Dies After 34-Hour Shift

Another Foxconn employee has died. However, it was not by suicide.

A 28-year-old man, who married his wife (pictured) three months ago, died from exhaustion in Shenzhen in his rental house after working a 34-hour shift his family claims. No official statement has been issued regarding the man's death.

Yan Li was apparently suffering from shortness of breath.

This year 11 Foxconn employees have fallen to their death at the company's Shenzhen factory. Foxconn has recently raised factory worker wages to the equivalent of US$160 a month.

Foxconn manufactures the Apple iPod, iPhone and the iPad as well the Xbox 360, the PS3 and the Wii. Sony and Nintendo are investigating the issue. Apple honcho Steven Jobs has called the suicides "troubling", but has asserted that Foxconn "is not a sweatshop".

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    Can you link to your other article that explains, statistically, this is, in fact, under par in china?
    Not to say the death isn't tragic, but it seems the only reason this story's published here is because we just happen to know that some gaming parts are made there.
    Not quite news, when looking at the rest of the country, tbh...

      Does it matter(it is under the statisticas)? A death is a death, and at least these string of unfortunate string of deaths and bringing to light the workers plight. Hopefully, someone will pull their head out and fix this.

      The suicide rate at Foxconn is lower that the statistical national average, but it is geographically much higher than what is expected - i.e. suicide in China is usually spread out over wide areas and not confined to specific locations like the Foxconn manufactory.

        It makes no sense to compare these deaths to national suicide rate across all age groups in both rural and urban China.

        These workers are aged 18-24 and live in urban China and thus belong to a low-risk group, with a suicide rate way below the national average of China and even the United States. The number of suicide deaths observed at Foxconn is clearly in excess of the normal expectation.

        Moreover, comparison should be made with suicide deaths at the company during the last few years. Any significant increase in suicide death, regardless of the size of the baseline figure, should alarm the Chinese government, health authorities and human rights organizations.

        Sadly, Apple's and Foxconn CEOs don't seems to be willing to take responsibilities for what is happening and prefer blaming the victims. The cynicism whith which they portray themselves as benefactors is simply shocking.

        I will certainly boycott Foxconn's products until the results of a proper audit are published and the people in charge take actions to address the problem properly.

        I would also like to invite everyone that reads this message to spread the word and join the boycott.

      @PAT HOGAN: Seriously, you are doing pr for one/all of apple,microsoft,nintendo,satan, right?
      34 HOURS. That is simply NOT acceptable, and not defensible. The CEO's of all three should resign in shame, publicly apologise for not being interested in the conditions of the factories where their products are made, and put in place a set of minimum standards and indepent auditing ASAP!

      Can't Kotaku empower the community by putting up a petition for us to sign and then send it to these companies? If I had the technical know how I would have done this.

    Its sad that China is becoming so successful off the back of this kind of thing. No one can compete with them unless they are equally inhumane.

      Indeed. And while we wring our hands and lament the loss of life, the shareholders need to make a profit...

    And yet we as western consumers line up by the thousands for the latest Apple products, or take our kids out shopping to get one of every game console out there. Let's be honest, the bottom line is, we don't really care.

    Surely they've reached the point to where this company must be shut down...

    We should all stop buying Foxconn manufactured products! The companies who have their gear made there clearly have no sense of right or wrong, or even any semblance of goodness! Truly, this is a heart blackened by evil!

    Sent from my iPhone.

    34 HOURS.

    34 Hours... according to Steve Jobs that's not a sweatshop. I shudder to think what a sweatshop is in his eyes (maybe one NOT manufacturing Apple products?)

    Foxconn is evil, I really do not want to purchase anything made from there after hearing about this unacceptable bullshit.

    People need to take it out on Apple more if they really want some changes, instead of letting them get away with this crap.

    They are the ones who support the work regime in place at Foxconn.
    They are the ones who have the finical power to dictate new standards for workers who produce these shitty ifads.

    But they don't do anything, why??? Because it’s cheaper to have 11 dead bodies then have one single ifad drop on to the factory floor during production.

    Steve Jobs has done his math. As bad as the news is, one ifad is worth more money to Apple then 11 dead workers any day of the week.

    This is one of the reasons why where up to 11 deaths and still nothing has changed.

    It’s just not cost effective for Apple to want to save lives. I can see the total hitting 25 by the end of the year. Don't worry thou, ifads are selling like hot cakes so it won’t matter if the death rate hits the 20's or even 30's.

    Maybe at around 50-100 deaths a year it may start to have an impact but even then very little and it might even improve the production time.

    How Steve Job’s may ask?
    Well Steve, they have at least 2000 people wanting to take over any giving role in Foxconn at the drop of a hat, so ifad production should be even stronger with the new ‘fresh legs’ on the floor to replace the dead.

    Who can pass up the chance to make 52 cents per hour making ifads?
    It’s the Chinese dream isn’t it?

    And here I am thinking 14 hour days were bad... Being awake for 34 hours is bad enough, but having to work during that time would have to constitute as some form of torture, wouldn't it?

    So, Foxconn allows their employees to literally work themselves to death, and have little concern that their employees are working while exhausted, and Apple is notorious for physical defects in their products. FUNNY COINCIDENCE, THAT IS.

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