Friendly Reminder: Super Mario Bros Crossover Now Featuring Ninja Gaiden

As promised, Jay Pavlina has delivered Ryu Hayabusa from the NES Ninja Gaiden as the seventh playable character in the flash sensation Super Mario Bros Crossover. Other character-specific abilities have been included in the game's 1.1 update.

Mega Man now jumps more realistically, and can use Rush Coil to get to higher spots on the level; Samus is equipped with crouching (and crouch fire); Simon Belmont has directional double-jumping; Link may attack up or down as he jumps. Bill from Contra is still too powerful and Mario doesn't change, but there are five difficulty levels and a cheats menu.

The full list of version upgrades can be found here, and the game is playable from the site's main page. Enjoy.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover [Exploding Rabbit/Jay Pavlina]


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