Full Steam Ahead For Aussie Pirate Adventure

Jolly Rover, the only Australian made adventure game starring a pirate dog, is released on Steam today. We've got some download codes to give away to ten witty Kotaku readers.

UPDATE: I'll be closing this comp at midday EST, June 9. Be quick! Closed!

Jolly Rover comes from Melbourne developer Brawsome, whose talents also brought us the Emerald City Confidential. It's a comedy point-and-click adventure very much in the vein of the Monkey Islands.

If you'd like to be in the running to score yourself a free download code for the full game, follow these instructions.

1. Login in to Steam!

2. Join the Jolly Rover Steam group.

3. Think up the best piratey insult yer land-lubbin' brain can conjure.

4. Leave yer insult in the comments below.

5. Include your Steam ID in the comment as well.

On Wednesday, Andrew from Brawsome will pick his favourite ten insults and send you a free download code for the game. He even offers this advice: "Points be awarded fer humour and originality, and o' course havin' a reference to dogs can't be hurtin'."

And if you miss out, check out the screenshots below and on the official site, watch the trailer over here, and then go buy it anyway.


    haha brilliant!
    User name is chuloopa of course

    "Ye be as useful as a old legless dog, 'n' twice as flatulent"

      Oh! and good luck everyone!

      ... ye scallywags!

    "Ye be almost as yeller bellied, lilly livered, jelly legged and wretched as yer MOTHER!"

    My Steam ID is Randomini.

    Username: Qumulys

    "Yer nuffin but a freshly washed hooman smelling pile of arrrgggggff uuuummmf grrr oooooffff arrrrrjjjj mmmmmmummmnnnnnn aarrfffffff ooooong*"

    *Another helpless sufferer of the old 'stick a toffee on the roof of your dogs mouth' trick ruined the greatest sledge of all time.

      hahah whats so brilliant about this one is that i can actually picture it in my head :D

    Steam ID- tim_newell

    " Dead dog tell no tales, ye parrot-loving privateer... Blimy!!! "

    good luck all

    Ye mother's so large, she isn't referred to as a landlubber, she's referred to as a landBLUBBER

    I don't know ><

    Steam ID: peaky

    Steam ID: FRiSK10

    "Ye be as salty as a dogs arrrrse after he done warrrked tha plank... arrrr"

    Don't forget to log into steam first guys and join the user group...

    "How appropriate, you fight like a Chihuahua"

    SteamID: prothoss

    Steam name is FarWarrior :)

    "I guess every dog

    *puts on eyepatch*

    Has his Day


    That first pircture makes me laugh.

    "I've been needing to let off some steam, and you'll be the mongrel to let me!"

    I am not giving my steam what the christ.

      oooh, it's a competition.

      steamid: Mineralz

    "When I finish Keelhauling you, ruff ruff will take on a whole new meaning"

      Make sure you sign up to the Steam group and include your Steam ID in your comment.

        Heh heh - I'll have to do that after work and also check my sign in ID lol.

    Yaarrr, well I once decapitated an octopus!

    ID - DoorMatt1

    "Yar, you land dogs can't match up to us sealubbers. What? Did I say something wrong?"

    steam: darkgaz_1

    "You want a bone, you filthy, flea-infested rat? And no, I wasn't talking to your dog"

    Steam ID: Scuba Stebe

    "To call you a filthy, flee-ridden mongrel dog would be an insult to filthy, flee-ridden mongrel dogs... and your mother."

      Oh, and my steam ID is: xmunky

    Arr you be naught but a small insignificant bug!
    A small one... with little to no significance...

    steam: Deadman

    Steam ID: cheeky_munky

    "Your mother be a low down dirty dog... hang on, that's my mother. Yaarr.

    "Yarr! Your Mother is just like Singapore, always in heat and packed full of tourists! Yarrhahaaa!"


    "Yarrr, ye be a filthy, good for nothing, cat loving bilge rat!"

    Steam ID: xloserfishx

    "Keep emphasizing your "R"s to mock me, and I'll make you mow me Yarrrrrrd, Yarrr filthy scallywag."


    id - davegmanc

    Starts weak...
    "Arr, yer a true sunnavabitch y'arr... arr... but, then again that's a given"

    ends strong...
    "...speakin' of yer mother, she sends a man the wrong way - the hair of that dog makes you need a night on the grog!


    Yer useless as a pegleg made o lead an the port wenches done put barnacles on yer mast!

    SteamID: sgtd

      Hahaharr, that be a magnificent insult.

    Captain Setter from Ireland eyes off the new recruits. He stops about halfway along, when a recruit grabs his 'eye'. Captain Setter taps his walking stick against the recruits manufactured leg.

    "Nice and sturdy for a triped."

    He scratches just above the recruits leg and... nothing. Another of the recruits hind leg begins to kick wildly as he watches on, tongue sticking out. Captain Setter glances at him with his eye... the erratic dog quickly stops and stands to attention. Setter turns his eye back to the triped.

    "Ye certainly walk the walk... but do you sniff the sniff?"

    A couple of Setter's more burley litter amble over and grab the recruit, turning him around for a good sniffing.

    Captain Setter closes his eyes, and bends down for a sniff when he is greeted with a firm whack in the nose by some waggling wood. He opens his eyes in shock...

    "And what do ye'call that? A wooden wagger?" his litter leans in for a closer look.

    "Ye' call that a tail? Ahahaha" they bellow, "it looks like someone ran a burnt stick through a coral seabed! It's so tiny, and lumpy!"

    They spin the recruit around.

    "What be the meaning of this?" Setters patience wearing thin.

    "My... my wife, she... she, she couldn't smell. It's, a brail tail."

    "Well what good are 'ye to us? I'll send for you if we need to surrender to the seeing-eye school!"

    He turns to his litter.

    "But, for now... I think ye' be in need of a dog wash! Call Jim boys, and ready the plank!"

    Steam ID: Zupecki

    It looks like ye scrubbed these decks with your worm infected anus.


    "Ye be smellin' so bad I wouldn't even sniff your butt with a peg-nose"

    Steam ID: Drunkspleen

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