Game Company Sends Us Sack Of Meat

The last time the powerful people at Electronic Arts sent our boss Brian Crecente something ridiculous in the mail, he burned it on his grill. Fitting, then, that they sent him some meat.

They are promoting Bulletstorm, of course! It's a shooter game in which you shoot lots of stuff, including people, rendering them, one would assume, into bits of ... meat? Yes, this bag indicates that it is full of Grade A Final Echo Squadron.

Crecente's not home, though. His wife reports that the bag of meat is gross.


    Can you eat it, it dosen't look edible.

      Well, it does say "DO NOT CONSUME", so I guess not.

    Look's edible to me, Whether it kill's you or not.....

    Next stop on EA's self improvement program has to be their publicity department.

    Cook the shit out of something enough, anything is edible.

    make nachos

    This will be sweet when you've left it laying around the office for a few months before getting around to giving it away in one of 'best commenter office cleanouts'..

    Did anyone notice this meat will be still good for over 400 years??!!??

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