Gamers4Croydon Support Australian Sex Party

No, not that kind of sex party. Unfortunately. Australian IT reports that Gamers4Croydon – the South Australian political party most notable for its ongoing campaign to overhaul Australia’s antiquated content classification regime – has encouraged members (snigger!) to support the Australian Sex Party at the next federal election.

According to a source within the party, G4C is attempting to swing supporters to the ASP after its own bid to secure federal candidacy faltered.

“We're telling people about the Sex Party because we think it is one of the more progressive parties running in the federal election,” said Gamers4Croydon campaign manager David Doe. He then went on to say that the two parties were “well-aligned” in terms of specific policy goals. Both Gamers4Croydon and the Australian Sex Party support classification reform and oppose Labor’s proposed internet filter. . So how about it, dudes and ladies? Will you be voting for the Australian Sex Party come election day?


    Methinks they're "well-aligned" in a social manner? JK, but seriously, from memory, the Australian Sex Party isn't that ridiculous. They support breaking down certain barriers that most of our ignorant society know nothing about.

      “well-aligned” in terms of being the irresponsible 3rd party choice for those who don't give a damn about their vote.

        Care to explain the logical reasons for your explosive outburst?

        Do you understand how preferential voting and the Westminster system work?

    And there goes anyone taking them seriously... bye bye...

      I'm not exactly sure what the Sex party stands for but I think I have a pretty good idea, and totally agree with you.

      I honestly don't know which one you're talking about.

      No-one's going to take the Australian Sex Party seriously now that they're affiliated with a bunch of indignant video gamers?

      Or that no-one will take Gamers4Croydon seriously now that they're backing a party with the word sex in their title?

    Well with labour and liberal the way are at the moment, i would expect to see alot more votes go to other parties, and if im able to ill probably vote for ASP seeing as they are all for classifaction reform and against Conroy's internet filter which are the two things that affect me more than what liberal and labor are currently offering.

    Plus i just despise the milky bar kid and i sure as hell do not trust abbot with role of PM

    Ummm.... no.

    ASP run by the same people as the lobby group for the adult industry. so not in the pockets of anyone at all.

    The Sex Party supports things such as equality for homosexuals, pro choice abortion laws, censorship (ISP filtering, R and X ratings etc.), workplace equality, rights of sex workers and anti sex/abuse against children by pushing for a Royal Commission to investigate abuse in religious organisations.

      just one thing to fix, they dont support the mandatory isp flittering that Conway wants to bring in. they also support change to the classifaction system to fix some serious screw ups (R18 games for one plus some rather restrictive porn guidelines as well search for info about the porn movie pirates to get the full understanding)

        My bad, that's what I meant. I just roped most of their policies under the word 'support'.

    I actually do support the Sex Party and the Greens. Each supports policies that I can agree with. And we need parties like those to vote against the overwhelming majority who would otherwise go with Labour or Liberal agendas.

    Talk about a stretch. Andrew spoke to me for 15 full minutes trying to get me to say that there are merger talks (there are not), and that we've been telling our members to vote for the ASP (we have not).

    I went on to say explicitly that we'll be highlighting all parties' policies in the lead-up to the federal election to enable people to make their own choices come election day. You know, like you'd want everyone to do.

    In any case, go look at their policies and make up your own mind. And go look at The Greens' new webpage and their policies while you're at it. And check out Senator Online if you want. Compare all of these to the Family First, Liberal and Labor party policies and see which side of the fence you end up on.

    The only way to start making Australia more the way you want it is to understand where these people want to drive it, and you can only do that by educating yourself on their specific policies.

    Here, use this :

    I'm considering voting for the sex party. Ive read a bit about then and their policies seem like my sort of stuff. Leaning left but with a healthy dose of realism that the greens are missing. Even if you just want to talk porn the porn rating guidelines in Australia are more pathetic than the game rating guidelines.

    you made a spelling mistake. at the end where you said

    'Will you be voting for the Australian Sex Party come election day?'

    it should have said

    Will you be voting for the Australian Sex Party come ERECTION day?

    he he he

    Hey, it doesn't take a G4C endorsement to get me to vote for the Australian Sex Party! Hell, it's a good thing G4C aren't running, because they'd have just been pushed down a peg on my ballot paper anyway :P

    Aaaand the pathetic and lame innuendo of this post is really going to help them. Well done.

    This is why government is run by old, rich, white men, because the rest of us are all too busy snickering at the word sex.

    I was almost surprised before I realised this wasn't actually posted by Kotaku Australia.

      Uh. That should have been "parliment is run by", sorry.

      I agree with Brendon. It is these puns, and thier damn innuendo, that stop change from happening in Australia.

      Stop the puns.

      Do it for the children.


        Yeah, Dan Staines, you are not REALLY a part of Kotaku Australia until Brendan says so!

        (Also I miss Eegra. Please bring it back.)

      The Australian Sex Party uses a slogan which is a pun in itself;

      "Where you come first!"

      I've got their pamphlet right here next to me.

        Sorry. I always assumed post without the little flag next to the author's name were posts from International/US/Whatever Kotaku.

    I already planned to vote for them. They have good policies, but they don't seem to realise that their name is going to alienate them.

      G4C's name alienated them for a lot of people too, but I'm proud of both parties standing up and saying "this is who we are, stop pretending we don't exist".

    Why do the most logical, civil-liberties-backing-policy based parties always have to run under the LEAST vote-able names?
    People who KNOW what they're about are too small a demographic to help them gain any real support.

    name is just a tad off putting

    For everyone complaining about the name you should actually go find out why they decided to call themselves that. They initially wanted to call themselves something a bit more mainstream because the word sex may be a bit offputting but that very fact is why they named themselves the Australian Sex Party. As the posts here have confirmed, why is the word sex and talking about sex so taboo?

    I was already going to vote ASP and tell others to vote for either them or G4C.

    The ASP came third in the 2 electorates they ran in so far, both of which were insanely conservative areas.
    They came even higher than the greens.

    If they're able to do that in Bradfield and Higgins and they've got a bloody good chance of getting few MPs around the country and these days those swing votes tend to make all the difference.

    Both party names suck.
    Nobody will take them seriously.

    Wow, Australian Kotakuites sure are a political bunch, haven't seen this many comments in a post in a long time!

    great policies, will be getting my vote for sure.

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