Games On Demand For Windows, Now With Less Painful Waiting

Microsoft is getting serious about on-demand Games For Windows, convincing publishers like Capcom, Rockstar, Ubisoft and others to bring their PC wares to Games on Demand "day-and-date" with their release in stores. There's better news.

For PC gamers who prefer their digital content delivered by Games on Demand for Windows, Microsoft will deliver weekly updates to the GFW library every week, promising "more than 100 new titles joining the portfolio by year's end".

An announcement like this warrants a deal, no? Well... "Microsoft will offer Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time both for 75% off suggested retail price (200 Microsoft Points or $US2.49)!"

Huzzah! Old Prince of Persia games for everyone!


    Two Prince Of Persia Games for 200 points. Now that's an offer I can't refuse.

      I just opened the GFWL client and clicked on both games and it says that they're $4.95 each. 200 points should be $3.30. Is there a specific date that price applies from or is it just for the US and A?

      Also does anyone know if these versions have achievements.

        This is Games for Windows right? Not Games for Windows Live, right? That means there won't be achievements. Or at least not ones connected to the Live account; only Games for Windows Live (not Games for Windows) has Live account-connected achievements as far as I know.

          My bad, for some reason I just assumed that because it was on Games On Demand that it was a GFWL game.

    cool! now I won't have to wait as long to start being infuriated by multiple retarded DRM systems!

    Has GFWL stopped sucking yet?

    unless they get rid of that awful point system (the reason that of all my game consoles, the ps3 is the only one i buy shit on) i'll stick with steam.

    I prefer steam but I do like to buy the occassional game at the higher price on GFWL so my xbox live friends can get confused seeing games like 'world of goo' in my achievement list. It's about time they started adding more games.

    they should introduce buying products outright instead of purchasing things through the point system they have lol

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