Gaming With Defendant Costs Judge His Seat

Weird story out of Bristol, Va.; a judge there has abandoned his seat after it came to light that he'd been a constant video gaming companion of a man he'd sent to jail at least three times over the years.

The gaming friendship Judge Joseph R. Carico, 40, had with Jeremy Hubbard, 28, came to light after a late-night car crash last year that hospitalised Hubbard. Carico swerved to avoid a deer on Nov. 22 and smashed into a tree. Of course, as Hubbard's past came to light, some of it Carico's court, where he'd been jailed and sentenced to community service before, the story about their gaming habits came out.

Hubbard told the Bristol Herald Courier that in 2008, the two talked about their enjoyment of games during a happenstance meeting at a restaurant where Hubbard worked. That led to many game sessions that got so serious, the two thought about forming a competitive gaming team along with some of Hubbard's neighbours.

They actually had crossed paths a lot earlier, in 2003, when Carico was in the state attorney general's office and prosecuted Carico on a drug charge. In 2005, Carico became a judge, later recusing himself from a case against Hubbard that had been brought before he had come to the office.

There's nothing wrong with being gaming BFFs with a felon, unless you're a judge, where it raises questions of propriety and conflict of interest. Carico hasn't stuck around to answer them. He's bolted his seat, leaving the other judges to pick up his case load, and isn't answering calls for comment. That leaves it to Hubbard to defend the guy who prosecuted him.

Their Halo 3 match late on Nov. 21, 2009, was set up after several telephone calls and text messages that night, Hubbard said. They met at Hubbard's house for a brief round of Playstation 3 games. From there, Hubbard said, the two trekked to Carico's home for more video games.

"People are saying there was drugs involved and there was this, and there was alcohol and none of this [expletive]is true," Hubbard said. "Everybody wants to make up their own story and their own thing about what [expletive]happened."

Odd Story of Judge and Defendant Gaming Together [Game Politics]


    The judge and the guy weren't friends at the time of the court cases, so unless the judge was involved with a court case after the friendship began, I don't really see the problem...?

      i think it's more the fact that socialising with a convicted felon probably isn't really something a judge should be doing, particularly when you met said felon through your work as a judge.

        Actually as a judge I think it's worse for him to deliberately avoid someone because they have prior convictions. It doesn't set a good example for him to say they've served their time and are good enough to walk free but not good enough to play Halo 3 with me?

        Who cares who the judge hangs out with in his free time? As long as he isn't doing anything illegal there shouldn't be a problem.

    Hang on, he was a gaming mate of this guy and still snet him to jail? Doesn't that sort of prove there WASN'T favouritism involved and that he WAS capable of being objective?

    Shouldn't the fact he sentences his friend to jail show his a good judge because his unbiased?

    Perhaps he was cut that he lost.

    If you stick me with a plasma grenade one more time I'm gunna lock you up!

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