George W. Bush Wanted In Deus EX For Mass Murder


    Haha, so true.

    Ugh. You got your politics in my gaming. That really puts me off buying that game now. Not that I was a fan of Dubya, but come on...

      It's drawing heavily on conspiracy theories, like many games at the moment.

      I don't know how you can get fussy about politics in a game set in a war - you can't really separate the two without cutting out half the picture.

      My 2 cents - they aren't wrong in the conspiracy theories either!

    Dubya was an idiot but one could hardly call him a mass murderer.

    And for the record, Obama hasn't ended the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq.

    I think it is unfortunate that uninformed and irrational political commentary exists in games. There are plenty of completely rational reasons to criticize Dubya's policies. But "he was a mass murderer" is not one of them.

    Likewise, the Deus Ex Human Revolution has Jensen say "Corporations have more power than the government" and claims this proves dystopia. That's a simplification based on ignoring the difference between "having money" and "using physical violence to get one's way." Plus, in the real world, corporations acquire power by getting into bed with the government, thus having friends in high places. This is a very different thing from genuine free markets (i.e. actual laissez-faire).

    Of course, intelligent political and economic analysis is a rare commodity in video games.

    I'm more than happy to hear a political message in games. As long as it is reasonably backed up and doesn't strawman things. Unfortunately that is unlikely in a world where discourse is dominated by thought-terminating cliches like "teh homsexual adgenda!" and "teh corporayshuns!"

    In short; think before you place a political message into a game. Thanks.

    Chuckle of the day hah

    Hey AussieSniper, FU. The whole POINT of Deus Ex is political / conspiracy theory gaming. If you didn't play the first few, you're not entitled to play the new one, and we don't want you buying it anyway. Thanks for NOT buying it.

      Anyone that purchases the full game is entitled to play it.

      Game fanbases certainly don't decide who gets to play a game or not.

      And there's a difference between "a plot centered around conspiracy theories" and making cheap, childish, badly-researched political pot-shots.

      Yes, Bush was a douche, but that's not the point. One can easily make sophisticated political commentary without resorting to insults or alienating a sector of the potential audience.

      I am not a conservative and I think Bush is easily in the 5-worst-Presidents-Ever list. Doesn't mean I think attacking him has to be done in an unsophisticated and unintelligent manner.

    Do I think he's a mass murderer? No.

    Do I think this is hilarious? Yes.

    Come on, you don't really need to agree with it to be great for a chuckle ;)

      The game is in the future boys...

      Maybe he still hasnt committed his mass murder yet.

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