Get A Look At Kinect's Star Wars Game

The best game we saw yesterday at Microsoft's Kinect launch event was a Star Wars title. Why was it the best? Why don't you take a look yourself.

Take all this with a sizable grain of salt, of course, as you always should with on-stage demonstrations, but anyone that watches this and isn't at least a little excited (at the potential, if not the stilted performance from this actor) is either lying or is a cold, barren husk of a person.

Oh and don't bother checking your speakers, because there's no sound.


    Nice. We'll see how they develop this and if it still looks good in practice, it may actually turn into a reason to buy an XBox 360 with Natal.

      It looks fake. The character on screen moves his arm a noticable time before the guy does.

        Yeah, I thought exactly the same thing. You have to take these E3 demos with a pinch of salt. I'll wait unitl I see a review before gasping in awe!

        Though if it works as it's supposed to, IT'S GOING TO BE WAAAAY COOL!!!! :)))

    What's with the gay little jump at the end? This looks to me like a surefire way to Wii like disappointment.

    The guy on the stage is FOLLOWING the guy on the screen... scam.

    It's more like the guy following the action of character from the game, than the other way round.

    I can't believe that the guy is following the action on the screen, and manages to be so slow that it is so obvious... What's the point really? I feel scammed indeed

    Indeed. The guy on stage definitely moves his arm AFTER the character in the game...

    I still just have no desire to use motion controls...

    The fact that they tried to make out that this was real disappoints me. I mean I know we shouldn't expect much, but I take that as blatantly lying to the consumer. Unless they manage to create what should have appeared as seamless control of the on screen character, then they have lied about features of their game, even if they are just implied in the actor's movement.

    it would be funny if you were caught in one of those lightsaber power battles (at 3 seconds remaning); then you just kick then in the balls... he he he

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