Get Your Project Natal, Justin Bieber Fixes Simultaneously

Attention, Xbox 360 fans with an incurable case of Bieber Fever! The Tiger Beat coverboy and teenage pop star is buddying up with his friends at Microsoft to bring you hands-on time with Project Natal this fall.

Xbox 360 is underwriting the Bieb's "My World" tour this spring, which will be schlepping Project Natal playable kiosks across the United States and Canada, giving you a chance to fawn over Justin and (maybe) play Joy Ride with your hands and feet.

Here's the official enthusiasm.

"We're thrilled to partner with such a talented star," said Grover Holtzclaw, Xbox director of platform and partner marketing and vice president of having an amazing name. "Justin Bieber's known for his ability to entertain fans, and now with "Project Natal" for Xbox 360, fans can enjoy an extraordinary entertainment experience on the Bieber concert stage and in their own homes this holiday season".

As an experiment in testing Natal's pre-teen squealing frequency detection, it's a sound plan!

New Dates Added to "My World" Tour Presented by Xbox 360 [Justin Beiber's Official Site - thanks, Robert!]


    Well, I guess this fits in with the plan to bring Natal to a broader market. I personally don’t think that screaming 12 year old beiber fans are this products target market. But what do I know? I’m not getting paid to sell this thing.

    “We’re thrilled to partner with such a talented star,” said Grover Holtzclaw

    Please tell me he's kidding.

      Given that Beiber has a ready made audience of screaming fans... and they want that business... they're not going to come out and say:

      "It gives me no pleasure to announce that we've decided to tie the marketing of our newest product to the fading star of a pre-pubescent, one hit wonder who only sings the one word chorus to a song written by someone else, which is then fed through a machine making his voice even more annoying and insipid. Truly this is a mediocre day for Microsoft, marketing in general and our pre-existing supporter base. Furthermore, we understand how this will undo many years hard work gaining legitimacy amongst console owners... but there are dollars to be made, and we want them".

        Lol. I know, the whole advertising industry is based around how much they lie to the consumer just to get their money.

        They're obviously going the Nintendo route and trying to hook "casual gamers". I can see a flood of shovelware hitting the XBox in the near future.

      There is obviously some kind of star talent there because I have NO IDEA what this bieber guy is about but still I'm hearing his name everywhere.

    "I know, we'll sell XBOXs by advertising with the backstreet boys!"
    "Uh, boss the backstreet boys aren't around anymore... that was the 90's"
    "Dammit, Johnson, What do kids these days like?"
    "Uh, Justin Bieber?"

      Why did I read that in J Jonah jameson's voice.

      "Bring me pictures! Pictures of Bieberman!"

        Haha! /comments

    Justin Bieber is not a talented musician.

    Just what we need, Another god damn kid on xbox!

    I have the strangest feeling... It's like all of my ideas of natal as a valid peripheral have just... evaporated...

    It's decided, the Xbox 360 is the last Microsoft console I own...

    ....I was actually looking forward to how they would advertise natal...but if the ads are going to have her prancing around...
    First I'm going to get my gun
    Second I'm going to shoot myself

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