Giant Gundam Nearly Completed

Back in 2009, a giant 1/1 scale Gundam was erected in Tokyo's Odaiba. Then, it was taken down. It has now returned.

This summer, the 1/1 scale mecha looms over Shizuoka, Japan, home of Bandai Namco's Gundam plastic model factory. It has a Beam Saber. It is awesome.

Gundam in Shizuoka [Japan Probe]


    is anyone else expecting the japanese to have done some 'extra' work on this, and one day it will move and destroy the world?

    That is the coolest thing on the planet. Now I want an Eva Unit about 500 feet away staring back at the Gundam.

      +1! Eva Unit 01 staring back at it would be awesome...the Gundam would have no chance!

    Anyone know when it will be complete and then open to the public?

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