Goldeneye's Return To Wii Confirmed


    What's that, Microsoft...?

    No glib remark...? No pithy comeback...?

      Nothing needs to be said and here's why

      1. Do you remember the last Goldeneye rip-off?
      2. Its being made for Wii
      3. Activision

      That being said, this is bullshit. Everyone slams M$ for being money-grubbing assholes. Look at your precious Nintendo, they could have had the original for Wiiware but were too butthurt about the fact that xbox would get it as well.

      What needs to be said? Nintendo are trying to drag the core market back with a remake of a 13 year old game. Sure, it was awesome at the time, but console shooters have come a hell of a long way since then. If you get sucked in by the name alone, then you're a fool who should say goodbye to your money right now.

        In saying that I remember sitting around for hours proxy mining the snot out of each other so a bunch of mate and I will be getting a copy to play on a drunken night. And now I have afforded a projector for my gaming room its gonna be awesome not to have to play in 3 square inchs of screen!

    daniel criag... in golden eye? anyone else thin thats a joke? one of if not the best movie in the franchise done by pierce brosnan and its remade with that hack?

    its updated for this gens shooters, they have members of the team who were on the first game, and its on wii because the original was on a nintendo console. got that?

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