Gotta Catch Em All... Oh

You know what they say... photographers should never work with kids, animals or Pokemon. As seen on Facepunch, via Dtoid.


    mind blown.

    most epic thing ive seen ina while

    There's too many, I can't be bothered

    I love spotting the little going ons between some of the Pokemons.

    Lets see now: Snorlax as a canvas, Hitmonchan being groped, one of the Dodrio heads tearing up, Drowzee sending Poliwhirl to sleep, the fight breaking out underneath Giratina, Lucario being admired, Raticate who I think is nibbling on Tangela, Treecko and Mudkip who are pointing at the wrongly positioned Torchic...hmm, I think that's most of em. I have no idea why but I love the way Pidgeotto was drawn.

      The first thing I looked for was if Seviper and Zangoose were together in the picture, I was pleasantly surprised.

    Wow...things have changed since I stopped watching when I was in school. I only remember there only being 150 or 151....then they realised they could go west and found a bunch more. Thats what I said "huh? I'm getting to old for this..." haha

    a part of my childhood has just least i still have DBZ

    I think it's sad that my first thought was "That Wailord is way too small".

    Awesome picture though.

    Wow. I bet the artist started work on that when Pokemon Platinum was released and only finished now.

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