"Grace's Diary" Educates About, Explores Teen Dating Violence

Grace's Diary has players work there way through an interactive story, working to discover what happened to Grace and, perhaps, learning the danger signs of Teen Dating Violence.

The game, designed by Hima in Bangkok, Thailand, was named the winner of this year's Life. Love. Game Design contest, taking home a $US2500 prize.

As games continue to evolve it's just as important for them to show their ability to educate as it is for them to enlighten, entertain and touch an audience.

This is the third year I've been a judge for the video game contest, and this year's entries were by far the best.

Others include A Decision of Paramount Importance, Jellia's Friends and Knowledge can be your bulletproof vest, with the developers based in Massachusetts, Chicago and Seneffe, Belgium.

The other judges for this year's contest were Leigh Alexander (News Editor, Gamasutra), Dr Ian Bogost (Co-Founder, Persuasive Games), Simon Carless (Chairman, Independent Games Festival) and Dr. Elizabeth Richeson, Ph.D., M.S. PsyPharm (Advisory Board Director, Jennifer Ann's Group).

Teen Dating Violence impacts a surprising number of people each year. Take the time to check out the game winners, and maybe pass them around to your friends.

Life. Love. [JenniferAnn.Org]


    Man, what a great idea! I'm so glad they decided to do this.

    I'm not really the target demographic for that game (being male and as pretty much everyone I’m friends with is well out of their teens) but i gave it a go out of curiosity. I got the bad ending the first time i did it and it left me with a strong urge to take Ken to a quite room somewhere and have a good long talk... with my fists...

    But in reality i guess that would have much the same ending as he'd probably tell her i was mad with envy or something and make sure she never spoke to me again, or if he's a real coward might even go down the murder/suicide path and they I’d have to live with that on my conscience.

    I got the good ending on my second go, which just seems to highlight how careful you have to be trying to help friends out of bad situation as there save/load in the real world.

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