Gran Turismo 5′s Most Beautiful Screenshots Yet

Yes, the actual game never looks this good. That's how it's always been with Gran Turismo, and it's how it will be with Gran Turismo 5. Just think of these as great pictures and we'll get along just fine.

These shots highlight the game's Italian and Spanish tracks, the Top Gear test track from the famous BBC TV show, damage modelling, flips and the new "day to night" transition and lighting effects present in Gran Turismo 5.


    Oh. My. God.

    For a second there, i thought that the NASCAR image was real.

    OK, Sony, seriously - you've done enough. We're all convinced.

    I have money in my wallet here with me right now. Just take what you've got, put it on a disc, slap it in a box and you can have my money now. It's not going to get THAT much better between now and November is it?

    Just release it. It wants to be let out. If you love it, set it free!

    oh my god... is that... tears rolling down my face...

    sprite trees still look so bad

    And people say graphics aren't important ;D

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