Gran Turismo 5 Hits The Top Gear Test Track

This is the E3 trailer for Gran Turismo 5. Or, as I call it, the "I might get this game just for the Top Gear test track" trailer.

Since we've seen expensive cars drive around to awful music countless times in a GT trailer, you may as well skip to around the 58-second mark, where you'll not only get a good look at the former British airfield, but also at a certain special driver as well.

Some say he plays Halo games for the story. Others say his favourite Zelda game is...Minish Cap. All we know is, he's called The Stig.


    The question is - what happens during a race around the Top Gear test track (which is a rough figure-8) when you cross over the other stretch of track and smash into the other driver?? :P

    woo, now I can see what it would be like to-do a lap around the test track, in a reasonably priced car. Do we get interviewed by clarkson too?

    Damn my loyalty to Microsoft!

      Come to the darkside, you know Forza is no chop compared to this.

        Don't listen to them brother...

        Stick with playing a game that is actually here. Or with the next version... that'll probably get here first anyway. The top gear test track will come as DLC... eventually.

      Yea loyalty sucks sometimes. Although, the lines between all the consoles are blurring. Paid PSN, and an XBox with features actually in the box. Perhaps its time for my PS3 to gain a friend. My Wii has already been euthanised.

    Is the Top Gear Aus test track in there too??.....

      lol your kidding yourself, why would they put the Australian Top Gear test track in? The show barely made it past 2 seasons. And the track itself was terrible.

      That abomination had a test track?!?!

        If you'd even call it a 'test track'. It was just a marked out circuit on a plane runway, plenty of their guests had problems navigating it because it had absolutely no landmarks. What a piece of shit.

    I bet I can go around that track faster than James May.

      Now come on, James Mays grandma could go round that track faster than him.

      All you have to do is go around and not get lost. I mean How hard can it be!

    I find it kind of funny the test track is in GT5. I mean, it's not like GT is, well, at all in the spirit of Top Gear, which is all about being a bit of a hoon. It'd suit a PGR style game a lot better...

      soooo.... let me get this straight, a real world test track would be more suited to a drift game?

      I cant remember one serious test where the stig was drifting on a hot lap?

    The track is in GT5 because of something called Top Gear TV which you will be able to access thru GT5 if I remember correctly.

      You can already access [GT TV, which includes Top Gear] in GT5 Prologue. It's been out for about 2 years or so. Maybe longer... But no doubt they will be re-vamping it for GT5.

      Damn all this GT5 coverage. How am I supposed to wait till November? They had better stick to the date this time.

    i read that in jeremys voice

      Top Gear is awesome and all, but even more interesting is the RBR scenes at the end of the trailer. Does this mean we will finally get an actually F1 car instead of the generic open wheel car?

    If you were good enough at GT5 prolouge you could unlock the Ferrari F2007. So i'm guessing an F1 car in its full livery will be awesome. Having a Redbull in there just makes it even better.

    On the console wars I've had a 360 for ages but my housemate had a ps2 and I played gt4 on it alot, probably as much as forza 2. Now that Ive moved I'm going to have to get one. Shame I have to buy another system but GT has that tiny realism edge over Forza 3 that makes it special. Dont get me wrong I love forza3 and it has killed the time spent waiting for GT5. But i'm still going to goto the darkside just for this game!

    does anyone know the name of the soundtrack??

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