Gran Turismo 5 Might Have "Too Much" Detail

Forget the delays. Gran Turismo 5 is worth waiting for. And it's finally getting ready to peel out of the garage.

At a behind closed doors meeting at the E3 gaming expo, Gran Turismo designer Kazunori Yamauchi showed off the game. GT5 has been in development for years now, first getting revealed at the 2006 E3 event. But, those years of toil are readily visible in the game.

There are over one thousand cars, divided into two classes: Standard and Premium. The standard classes are GT favourites like the Lamborghini Countach or the Ford Mustang. The Premium cars are newer automobiles like the Ferrari Enzo or the Lamborghini Gallardo. Those Premium cars will be the only ones that will featured "panel separation" and deformation. The developers have created fully modeled interiors for the Premium cars, as well as doing detailed modelling for the car's undercarriage and even the exhaust pipes!

The level of detail, Yamauchi admits, might be "too much" and better suited for the next PlayStation. The developers even reproduced the graffiti from the Nurburgring tracks — something that is very much part of that track's tradition. And the team has been trying to keep the in-game graffiti as up-to-date as possible before it ships. (No, it will not feature the profane graffiti!)

This obsessiveness over detail, however, is exactly what players want from a new Gran Turismo. The attention to detail shows in new additions like smoke illumination, collision sparks and kicking up debris. The detail is also readily evident in the Travel Photo Mode that lets players travel to locales like Japan or Italy and snap pictures in pictoresque spots like the Kyoto Gion.

But it isn't only detail that the developers have been working on. The new "My Lounge" feature gathers your GT racing friends from your PSN friends list and creates a place where players can race, chat and watch others race. Each player gets his or her own personal lounge.

All this detail can't be cheap. And Yamauchi is reluctant to talk about the game's final price tag. Previously, he mentioned that it cost US$60 million. "I was more people were more interested in its budget than Gran Turismo," Yamauchi said, declining to reveal the game's final budget.

Gran Turismo 5 will be out this November.


    "The level of detail, Yamauchi admits, might be “too much” and better suited for the next PlayStation."

    *wank wank wank wank wank wank wank*

    Yes... because you couldn't get it running on the ps3 right?


      Lol. The GT5 hype machine has started.

      "And Yamauchi is reluctant to talk about the game’s final price tag. Previously, he mentioned that it cost US$60 million".

      I wonder how he sleeps at night? I would guess much like McBain, "on top of a pile of money with many beautiful ladies".

    I rank 'obsessive detail' far down my list of things that make games fun. I think the GT5 devs have gone far beyond what is considered as bang for buck meaning the games profit will be smaller than if they released the game years earlier.

      Right because we play GT5 for "gameplay" and not for simulation purposes right?

        I get the simulation, realism and physics in GT are unmatched. I was talking about the excesses here that can financial ruin studio's. I think everyone who wants this right now would have bought it a year ago, slightly less refined and a whole year of dev costs cheaper.

          Bear in mind this is also being bankrolled by sales of GT5: Prologue, which has sold over 4 million copies. So if they just banked $15 per copy of that, that's your $60 million covered in its entirety before you sell a single copy of GT5. So GT5 isn't under as much financial pressure as that budget might suggest.

          ""I get the simulation, realism and physics in GT are unmatched.""

          Thy physics of GT have been matched, and mostly exceeded by proper racing sims 4-5 years old. I hate how everyone assumes GT is a realistic sim just because few people play real sims, like GTR and Richard Burns Rally.

          I ma hoping that GT5 will include a proper physics engine, but I fear that the rally cars on loose surfaces will still feel like hovercraft.


    Agreed! Yamauchi clearly has a complex about his own work.
    Theres perfectionism and then theres OCD.

    4 years modelling tail pipes. awesome O_O how about the simulation and the racing? isnt that wat GT is meant to be about?

      Maybe for you, the only reason I play the GT Series is because of meticulously crafted tail pipes that take 4 years to develop. Besides, I'm shore their chock full of Pipey goodness

    "The new “My Lounge” feature gathers your GT racing friends from your PSN friends list and creates a place where players can race, chat and watch others race. Each player gets his or her own personal lounge."

    So it's duplicating Home? Um...

      Thats INCREDIBLE, because the new MY Lounge feature plants my friends asses on the couch next to mine in my house where we'll share goes at the game if it actually meets the bloody release date...

      Maybe it'll duplicate Home in a way that doesn't totally suck.


      We can hope, right?

        Well that would hardly be duplicating Home then, would it? :P

    I just can't get over the fact that there have been 3 Forza games in the space between GT4 and 5, sure it'll sell like crazy, but the time it's taken has caused other people to head of to the competitions game, and now I feel like I'm not that interested in this as much as I should be...

      I know what you mean. By the time GT6 comes out, it'll probably be on the PS4 and Turn 10 will probably be up to Forza 10.

    GT5 will be exactly what I want, a game for people who obsessively love cars and everything about their design. I don't want to make a Kool paintjob for my tricked out Sick Ride, I want to sit and admire the exhaust pipes. If it takes another 2 years I don't mind, I'd still rather play GT4 than Forza 4.

    Don't care what anyone says, its a fuken INSTABUY!

    I'm pretty sure I have played quite a few racing games that have fairly accurate graffiti on the track of Nurbugring???

    Anywho, I'm so glad that GT5 finally has a release date! Gran Turismo is the business! I love the Forza series but it has nothing compared to Gran Turismo. I need to start organising leave for November. Hopefully we will know the official Aussie release date soon.

    Wasting so much time and money on graffiti... no wonder, he couldn't get GT5 ready for PS3.

    I think he's hinting that it will be delayed again until the ps4 is released...

    And this is the reason why I only buy Gran Turismo and Wipeout. Everything else just isn't upto par.

    So all it takes to delay GT5 is a German kid with a Spray can changing the Grafitti at the Nurburgring?

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