Gran Turismo 5 Weather, Go-Karting, Track Editor Confirmed?

Will Gran Turismo 5 have dynamic weather, go-kart racing and a track editor when it ships this November? Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida seems to think so.

Speaking in an interview with the official UK PlayStation website, Yoshida seemed to have a much deeper knowledge of Gran Turismo 5's features than we saw displayed at E3. While we were aware of night racing and car damage, dynamic weather effects had mentioned as coming soon previously.

In the interview, Yoshida mentions new graphical effects, including, "damage, night racing and weather". That has weather covered, but then he continues on.

These innovations are twinned with the option to join millions of like-minded individuals globally within the Gran Turismo community and to find a driving experience to suit, whether that is taking on the Top Gear test track, chucking cars around stunt arenas, go-karting, creating and sharing your own track or intense head-to-head races. Who, where and what to drive is completely down to the individual.

Go-karts? A track editor? These are major features that we would have expected to be unveiled at E3. To have them outed via an interview with Yoshida seems odd. Could he have gotten Gran Turismo 5 mixed up with ModNation Racers? It seems unlikely, but it could happen.

We've contacted Sony for clarification and confirmation, and will update the post should we receive a response.

Talking Games With Shuhei Yoshida [ via GT Planet - thanks Bill!]


    Kart racing seems a silly thing to add to the game, nobody wants a Kart racing experiance from GT5. But I'm all for Track Editors in Racing games.

      I beg to differ. I'd love to see Go-Karting in there. It is a legit form of racing and would be awesome fun.

      A track editor isn't impossible, though un-likely. Sony love the Play-Create-Share concept and it would mean that Gran Tourismo would have an epic lifespan.

      If this is all true, then November will be worth the wait!

    I would expect an announcement detailing everything at the Tokyo Motor Show; though that is happening during the release for GT5.

    During the Paris Motor Show (2nd - 17th October) is more likely - especially as GT "stuff" is usually done as a part of car shows cf. GTHD demo in 2007 as a part of the Tokyo Motor Show that year.

    Are there any other "large" motor shows this year? Look for more details then.

    I think Go-Karting is an awesome idea for the game. Would be even better if we could build them from scratch with any kind of motorbike engine at our disposal.
    A track editor would be really nice also. I would love to recreate some local race tracks that would otherwise never get a chance to appear in a video game.

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