Gran Turismo 5's Collector's Edition Is Reward For Your Patience

This is Gran Turismo 5's collector's edition, which will cost car lovers and GT fanboys $US99.

For that money, you'll get the game, a 1:43 scale model by Kyosho of a 2009 Nissan GT-R Spec V, a 300-page "car-lover's guide", keychain, 5 downloadable bonus cars and an enormous box.

$99 is steep, but then, this is also one of the classier collectors editions we've seen in recent times. The model car looks a lot better than some crummy action figure.

In case you missed it earlier today, Gran Turismo 5 finally has a release date: November 2.


    Any word on whether or not there'll be a console bundle with GT5, a Playstation Eye and a Move?

    i must say - that does look rather impressive

    I hope this get released in Australia, i wouldnt mind getting one.

    US$99.00 steep? Thats less than what EB have listed for the standard edition in Australia!

      Steep for them... Normal games cost $US60 there. We get pretty rip off in terms of game pricing here... but not as bad a Brasil... Wow THEY'VE got it bad.

      Yeah the Americans pay 60 bucks for their games and have a whine, how about us!?

        Well, take a look at the American's minimum wage and maybe ya won't whine quite so much.

    Lol... not bias at all are you Mr. Plunkett.
    Crummy action figure - I would believe you are referring to Halo: Reach? It will still sell better than GT5 believe me!
    Even journo's get in on the fanboyism.

      As nobody in the public has that statue, I don't believe Luke was refering to that. Perhaps it's more things like the Red Faction cool looking but cheap and clunky figurine, or the laughable toy that came with Lost Planet.

    @ peter richards

    the minimum wage in the states as far as i can see is around about $7. now that would be for jobs like waitress and the such.

    the reasons waitress get paid poorly is because of the American attitude to this jobs i.e. the wage should be propt up by tips. and in fact there is some places in America where its frowned upon if you dont tip.

    there isnt a "i feel sorry for you because your employer is tight and doesn't pay you enough" mentality in Australia so this doesn't happen in Australia so the min wage is higher.

    getting back to the point. i don't think the special edition is that great, i would rather something more in game then a nice book i will look at once or twice and a model that will sit on my self, that i might add they will charge me a premium to get.

    Looks great! I want it!
    The model car also looks well made, and I collect diecast cars so it'd fit well in my collection. ;)



    DO WANT!!!!

    will the us collectors edition work on aussie ps3's....i dun no...der der

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