Gran Turismo 5's E3 Trailer Is Missing Something

Here's the E3 trailer for Sony's hotly anticipated PS3 racer, Gran Turismo 5. Those still hanging for its release will notice something is missing.

Yes, a release date. It's not there. Just lots and lots of pretty cars. Guess we'll have to wait for Sony's E3 press conference next week for word on when people will actually be able to buy this thing.


    Yawn Sony, Yawn. Another year, another E3 comes and goes and you circlejerk us with Gran Turismo 5, the game that'll never be released...

    Sorry but this is your own DUKE NUKEM FOREVER.

    The release date, like the cake, is a lie. GT5 is an urban myth, like eating ice cream on a cold day makes you warmer.

    Nice Nice Nice. The damage models are looking promising too.

    Man, you had me worried there, I thought you meant some critical gameplay area was missing. I don't care about the release date anymore, just don't give us one unless it is rock solid, because not hitting a release date at this point will drive everyone crazy.

    Glad to saee that the road is now looking less shiny.

    Looks pretty damn good!

    ....... I think I've been wanting this as long as Starcraft 2. o.O Has it really took that long to release??

    Like SC2, I'd rather Polyphony take their sweet time. That's what I love about Blizzard, they'll never release a game until they're absolutely 100% sure it's perfect on release, hell they even canned SC: Ghost even though it was 80%+ complete and would have made a gajillion dollars.

    Yes, development hell is annoying but I'd like more companies to pick up this stringent self-improvement mantra than just shovelling out trash.

    This had better sell at least 2 million or it couldn't possibly make up the budget on development and especially media exposure.

      I read somewhere that Red Dead Redemption needs to sell 4 million to turn a profit or something? I imagine this'll need even more, then, given the length of development time...

    Is there anyboody know the song's name in this video, I really really really really really really really really really want it.

    Thanks very much.

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