Half-Life Has Never Looked This Cute

Wolf-Shadow77 has been doing these little Half-Life cartoons for a few years now, but only recently have they really hit their stride, showing Gordon Freeman's universe in a way we're not exactly accustomed to seeing it.

The short animations use actual in-game sound clips, but then throw up visuals that upon first viewing, don't exactly match. By the time you're done, though, you couldn't imagine Half-Life looking any other way.

Wolf-Shadow77 [DeviantART]

[Axel787 @ YouTube, thanks Morris!]


    Eh, p. stale jokes.

    Alex is like Ellen Degeneres

      God I hate that woman.

      Check this out instead y'all.

      Left 4 Nicks. It's a Nicktastic good time.


    Though I never really enjoyed Half Life 2 I did enjoy those videos.

    Lulz love the expressions

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