Half The PSN Down For Maintenance Today

From 8:30am Pacific Time until around 8:30pm Pacific Time today, June 9, several key components of Sony's PlayStation Network will be unavailable for users.

The PlayStation Store, for example, will be closed. You also won't be able to manage your account, so if you felt like changing your avatar to that little yellow poo guy, sorry. Most importantly, you may also "encounter some difficulty" trying to sign into the PlayStation Network itself, which would put the kibosh on any multiplayer plans you had for your Wednesday.

There's always a chance the work will be finished before 8:30pm, but then, there's always the chance it won't be, either. You never can tell with these downtimes!

Kotaku AU Note: According to my mental arithmetic Sony's Aussie PlayStation blog, that means from 1.00am June 10 to 1.30pm the same day. So someone's half an hour out.


    Not a big loss... I've not signed in to the PSN since they removed the Other OS option.

      I feel your lack of pain.
      I don't use PSN much as I get most of what I need off Xbox Marketplace and have not updated my PS3 since my last Blu-ray movie.

    Yellow Poo Guy?
    Is he talking about Kulche from LocoRoco? That's a rookie mistake.

    big update upcoming

    nothing good was added to the store tonight anyway :(

    this sucks it is summer break and i cant sign in for online until about 10:30 my time =(

    i really wanted to buy Joe Danger too :( oh well.. hopefully tonight... still need to see the AUS price in comparison to the US store obviously...

    i hate this i can,t get into ps3 live,it,s been neally 2 days now wtf.i miss my black opps and getting my butt kicked by all those 12 yr olds,and being 38 thats bad,but these kids are good.any info would be great to when it comes back up.ty

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