Halo: Reach's Trailer Takes The Fight Into Outer Space

Halo: Reach is out soon (September), so the time for fancy pre-rendered cutscenes is over. This E3 trailer, then, is all gameplay (or at least all in-engine). And yes, there are space battles.

Yes, for the first time in the series, you'll be able to pilot a space craft and blow up stuff in orbit. Looks like a pleasant change from all that ground-pounding.


    The space combat looks wicked. Now I'm even more excited for this to come out.

    I wonder how much the space combat will feature in the game, but from the trailer alone I'm glad I've put down some hard earned on a pre-order.

    Now if only someone could re-do X-Wing or TIE Fighter.....

    one word.


    The space combat looks out of place and, frankly, cliched. I'm just hoping there's so little of it to stop it from becoming a nuisance.

      That said, the rest of the game looks completely awesome. And the gameplay footage... brilliant!

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