Help Us Interview Crytek, Win Copies Of Crysis 2

Help Us Interview Crytek, Win Copies Of Crysis 2

If you could ask Crysis 2 developers Crytek any question at all, what would you ask?

Crytek are currently hard at work building a photorealistic New York for you to destroy with enormous guns. You know it as Crysis 2.

But they’ve agreed to take some time out of their busy schedule to answer your questions.

And EA has agreed to give away FIVE copies of Crysis 2 to the FIVE Kotaku readers who ask the best questions.

All you have to do is write your question for Crytek in the comments below. Only one question per person, please. And make sure you leave a valid email address or sign in with Facebook Connect so we can contact you.

At 5pm Friday, June 25, we’ll pick the FIVE best questions and send them over to Crytek to answer. And when the game launches in November, EA will send a copy of Crysis 2 to the FIVE winners.

Good luck!


  • My question would be:

    What improvements have been made to the CryEngine 3 compared to the CryEngine 2? The CryEngine 2 struggled to run at its full potential even on some high-end PC systems; how will the CryEngine 3 change this, running Crysis 2 on less powerful machines (consoles)?

  • Creating one of the most advanced and easily the most beautiful game engines out there appears to come naturally easy to your team.
    What difficulties have you experienced in creating such a lush and captivating engine?

  • In modelling New York, what difficulties (if any) were encountered in coding the behaviour of NPC’s (or other elements) to accurately capture a city that never sleeps?

    • “actually in some respects it was quite easy. for instance, with the NPCs all we had to do was take a generic NPC and remove the checks that stop it walking into other people and in front of traffic”

  • Is this new engine of yours going to wear and strain the components of a pc like Crysis did? Or have you created a engine that utilizes all hardware components to their fullest so various pcs will be able to run it accordingly?

  • From jungle warfare to urban warfare, what have you done that makes Crysis’ stand out from the other urban warfare shooters and the original Crysis games?

  • Will the action be free and open within a mission objective or will be see a more restrictive set-piece approach to the missions?

  • Crysis and Crysis:Warhead were games that had an incredible blend of high quality gameplay and graphics without sacrificing one for the other.

    How did you maintain this level of quality and what challenges did you encounter with the change of scenery from a nature based setting to that of a man made environment such as New York?

  • It seems all modern first-person shooters are attempting to ‘up the anty’ in terms of graphics,AI, destructible environments,story and engaging gunplay. While Crysis 2 seems to exceed in most of these categories which is it’s biggest strength as you see it?

  • One of the biggest factors that differentiated Crysis from other shooters for me was the special abilities of the suit. Has there been further development there?

  • Inevitably you have to cut out a thing or two to stay within budget or meet the deadlines.
    If there was one thing that you would of liked to of made it into the game, what was it?

  • Considering that the best looking games on consoles tend to be the exclusives developed specifically for those platforms (think Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 on PS3, Gears of War on 360, etc), how much difficulty did you have in creating something which appears to achieve that degree of technical polish across both consoles? Do you think you could have produced even better results had you concentrated on one console platform to the exclusion of the other?

  • Crysis 2 is powered by the CryENGINE 3, a lot of other game engines offer great graphics and unique effects(Lighting – Alan Wake, Water – Bioshock, Vast Open World – Red Dead Redemption/GTA4, Smooth Epic Battles – God of War 3) to improve gameplay. As a shooter, what is the most exciting ‘advanced’ graphic/gameplay element that Crysis 2 offers gamers that set it apart from every other shooter on the market?

  • Given the trend of numerous developers releasing FPS games that they claim are ‘innovative’ and ‘revolutionary’, what do you consider is the X-factor that makes Crysis so popular amongst gamers?

  • Do you feel any responsibility for the fact that some people on teh interwebs now think crysis is the correct spelling and use it in other contexts?

  • Crytek have been at the forefront of graphics tech for quite a few years now. I am interested to know what your thoughts are on 3D gaming and what pros and cons this snowballing trend might bring to the FPS genre.

  • Is the piracy among the PC community the main reason for bringing Crysis to consoles? And if piracy wasn’t a major factor, would Crytek still prefer to be developing PC exclusive games?

  • When the original Crysis was released back in 2007 it was, and probably still is, considered the benchmark in terms of incredibly detailed graphics. Did the team feel any pressure and/or sense of responsibility in trying to raise the bar again with the sequel?

  • Crytek prides itself on show off the latest advances in graphical technology in its game engines.
    What DirectX 11 or DirectX 10 features can PC users expect in Crysis 2?

  • What happened to Prophet in the original Crysis after he was taken by the aliens? He started acting strange when Nomad found him again and then went back to the island against orders to fight the aliens by himself. I was expecting and hoping for a warhead-like expansion for prophet to explain these plot points, was there ever any plan for this? Why not?!?

  • Could you tell us more about your upcoming MMO Kingdoms? And what would make this hack and slash type MMO stand out from the already over saturated swords and magic MMO genre? You’ve given us Cysis, so we’ve seen what you can do; How about considering a more sci-fi approach with more flexibility to showcase your technology?

  • In what ways have technological advancements (particularly around CryEngine 3) influenced your ability to tell a compelling story through the video game medium?

  • With an engine that is now across the 3 HD platforms do you have a strategy in place for selling it to other developers and perhaps moving this generation of games beyond the unreal 3 engine?

  • “Piracy on the first game was one of the main reasons for making the sequel on available consoles as well.
    What measures are you going to apply for the PC version of Crysis 2 to combat this but at the same time not lose your loyal fans due to recent DRM controversies?”

  • One of the fun things about Crysis was your ability sneak and fight against the reactive AI of the North Korean soliders. How did you go about in updating/writing the AI in Crysis 2 so that players will have as much fun as the first?

  • Crytek are synonymous with pushing the boundaries of PC gaming building visually and technical brilliant worlds for gamers to explore. Crytek also operate in a country like Australia with differing principles on what adult gamers can and can’t play with respect to the majority of gaming nations. How do you manage the balancing of realistic simulation against socially acceptable gaming mechanics?

  • There are so many different cities games and movies can be set in, yet time and time again, New York is the city of choice. I’d like to know why New York is such a popular environment for setting games in and why Crytek has used it?

  • CryEngine 2 only saw a handful of games use the engine. With CryEngine 3 what are your hopes for the longevity of the engine and the number of developers that will make use of it?

  • People complained, and still complain, that the original Crysis is too stressful for even the most powerful computers, but I ran it and enjoyed it just fine on my P4. Are you expecting Crysis 2 to have the same sort of instant ‘it’s too much’ reaction among the gaming community / have you any contingency plans to deal with this sort of reaction?

  • How much “dumbing down” did you have to do to this game in order to run it on consoles, and how much will PC gamers suffer because of it?

  • what pressure did you feel to accurately represent the city as, despite the fact many games have been set in New York previously, the CryEngine 3 has the power to present the city with near-photographic quality?

  • ..If Jake Dunn & Snake (Both having suits with nano technology in them) would have a ‘Nano Muscle Suit Fight’, who do you think would win? Snake Or Nomad?

  • Crysis had vehicle damage such that a tire could be shot out on an enemy vehicle. With the new enemy primarily being aliens will this type of attack still be available, for example will there be alien vehicles that can be hit in the right spot (maybe a rotor or engine) to send it out of control, or will this be a far more strait forward shooter?

  • Crysis had a fairly robust destructible environment system. Trees, small buildings and miscellaneous objects all behaved with believable fragility. However, apart from the odd tree crushing an enemy or log trap, the destructability of the world didn’t have much impact on gameplay.

    Did you consider making these systems more integrated in the gameplay with Crysis 2? Such as giving the player the means to destroy floors/walls/cieling to create new paths through the level.

  • You’ve hired science fiction author, Richard Morgan to write the story for the game. He believes that Halo is full of “bull**** archetypal characters” and that Modern Warfare 2 was a “an immense disappointment”; however, both of these games were still very much critical successes (as, of course, was the original Crysis).

    How important do you feel narrative is to a game, and more specifically, what do you think Richard’s work will bring to the Crysis experience?

  • With the always increasing attention given to audio quality in video games and with many popular FPS franchises trying to one-up eachother with reproducing the most realistic gun sounds.

    To what extent did you go to with researching and capturing realistic audio to match the illustrious realistic video experience with Crysis 2?

  • One of the best parts of Crysis was using Crysis Editor to create amazing landscapes and maps easily and intuitively.

    With the acquisition of Free Radical, now Crytek UK, and their history of making in depth map creators for consoles,TimeSplitters: Future Perfect for example, are there plans to release a “Crysis 2 Editor” on the home consoles?

  • You guys are perhaps best known for making incredible looking games. Games are starting to look extremely realistic, and it doesn’t seem like long before we have games that are close to indistinguishable from real life. My question is, what will you guys do when graphics reach this stage? What is the next big thing that Crytek is going to be known for?

    (PS3 – if possible. Cheers.)

  • Obviously, Crysis 2 has amazing graphics. But what does Crysis 2 offer the gamer who doesn’t have a HDTV or a high-end PC? In short, what sets Crysis 2 apart from the rest of the crowd GAMEPLAY wise, and more importantly, what does it offer someone like me, who has grown somewhat weary of the FPS genre in recent times for its generic-ness? How does Crysis 2 innovate on the gameplay front?

  • Will the PS3 version of Crysis 2 support mouse and keyboard? If not, can you implement it?

    Just like UT3, I found this ‘feature’ very helpful, because I’m used to playing FPS on PC. However since my PC is completely weak at the moment, I’m relying on my PS3 for my games… including FPS.


  • When Crysis was originally released it was hailed as the benchmark in terms of the PC’s graphical power, however many did,and still do, struggle to run it.
    What steps have been taken, if any, to make Crysis 2 more playable by a wider audience?

  • You’ve worked pretty much hand in hand with the latest and greatest graphics technology of the modern era.
    When do you think we’ll be seeing graphics comparable to real life, and what kind of developments would you need for a feat of such calibre?

  • With the move to Consoles you have opened up the Crysis brand to a completely new audience. Do you think the ‘Console gamer’ is different to the traditional PC gamer and have you made changes specifically to target this new audience?

  • How Much would it cost to build a PC with the same specs you used to test out the pc version of Crysis 2.

    full specs wouldnt hurt either.

  • What were the most important aspects of Crysis 1 your team wanted to improve on that would make Crysis 2 a unique game in its own right, as well as a title deserving to be the sequel to what is widely regarded as the most technically and graphically polished game of our time?

  • In the first Crysis, it was the little things, like crabs scuttling across the beach, and trees swaying in the wind (and falling down when shot) that helped make the ultra-detailed visuals that much more immersive. In the new urban setting, what has Crytek done to keep or exceed that same level of immersion?

  • Being an avid modeler and animator, I’m keen to try “playing” with the engine when I can by adding my own characters etc. I’d like to know a lot about the tools for the modding community, but a burning question on my mind pertains to the Procedural Motion Warping. Is this something that’s done completely inside the engine in real time, or is there something that has to be added to the IK/animations to allow it to happen.

  • Considering the high graphical standards involved in Crysis 2, will the consoles be able to handle the same level as computer?.

    And also will the gameplay be improved after the standard iterations, i.e. more soul/ more originality?

  • What lead to the decision to go into 3D and how heavily will this hit into performance, considering only a minority have the right set-up to utilize it do you think it was time well spent during the development cycle considering it could have been used in other areas?

  • Question:

    At the point, in what I imagine is the not-to-distant future, when we can render photo-realistic scenes in real time and there’s very little that can be done to improve the looks of computer graphics, what do you think Crytek will be doing/move on to?

  • when you started on Crysis 2. what prompted you to create a city environment when all your technical expertise was put into organic outside environments from your earlier games?

  • Did the development team consider the graphics requirements of the PC version in terms of ‘average hardware’ as previously a large number of people were unable to play the original as computing power was so strenuous?

  • As the story was a particularly weak aspect of the first Crysis game in comparison to the visual elements, what are the major changes Crytek have taken in delivering the storyline in greater depth and detail in comparison to the way it was presented in Crysis 1? Were there any other games or references that you took particular inspiration from in the process?

  • My question:

    Because of the shift to include consoles and also by signing on Richard Morgan as a writer for the game, did the story change much from what it was originally going to be after Crysis 1? Will we see some form of nods to fans of Crysis 1 such as what happened to prophet, nomad and psycho?

  • Crysis 2 will obviously have beautiful, immersive graphics and brilliant game play. However, as a fan of the original, will the sequel have a more in-depth storyline and get the player to form emotional bonds with the characters? Since the original game was contained within such a short timescale, the player never really got to know the man in the super suit.

  • Whilst Crysis and Far Cry were both thoretically open worlds, there was some fairly obvious railroading in the form of natural barriers like sheer cliffs, which didn’t feel jarring in context since the natural world is rather random.

    Assuming 2 has a comparable style, how have you managed to accomplish this railroading in an urban environment without knocking down every second building or creating 50 car pileups so tall that even the maximum strength armour mod can’t get you over them?

  • When designing crysis 2 to be set in new york, was there any resistance against the idea or any compension to microsoft flight sim that it may be used for terriost or anti american activity, if so how did you get around it?

  • Dear Mr. Crytek,

    Do you worry that the graphics in your productions will become so good that we cannot deal with just how good these graphics really are? Is there any worry that you may have to supply a “dealing” peripheral or suppliment to aid people in how to deal? Are “coping” and “comprehending” also further concerns for you and your company?

  • What pushed you to become the leader in the graphics department. While no easy feat what made you think that it was so important

  • While you make an extremely good looking gameworld what are the elements that you believe make your game something more than a dumb blond?

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    (yes, i did just use a generic interview question)

  • Why doesn’t the Nano suit in both Crysis and Crysis 2 look like the Nano suit on my Crysis game box?

  • Will Crysis 2 involve many of the main characters and some plot progression from the original Crysis? I know that it is going to be new to the console front so i was just wondering whether the story is going to have to leave some things behind and start fresh.

  • I would like to know that with the advent of Windows 7 how heavily does Cryengine 3 focus on leveraging the advantages of DX10/11 as a platform. With the positive reception of Windows 7 among the PC enthusiast community people are finally looking to move beyond the limitations of DirectX9.

    Cryengine 2 still relied heavily on DX9 technologies however with Crytek’s general moto of “pushing the limit’s of technology” I really would like to see some real gains (more efficient shader implementation, 64-bit HDR, Full scene post processing etc.) through the use of the newer platform ala Codemasters work with DX11 in Dirt 2 and other up coming EGO engine games.

    Does Crytek have any fun tech details or performance figures to show us how Cryengine 3/Crysis 2 will benefit from these newer technologies?

  • In Crysis, the player controlled Nomad, never leaving his point of view even during cutscenes. In Crysis: Warhead, the player controlled Psycho, and the game cut to third person for the cutscenes.

    The Crysis 1 method of storytelling was arguably more immersive, but the Crysis: Warhead style was more emotionally engaging, and helped to flesh out a more memorable player-character.

    Will Crysis 2 follow more closely the style of Crysis 1 in terms of narrative style, or Crysis: Warhead?

  • people these days say that games look good enough.
    but things will always look good enough as long as there is nothing better to compare it to. In the past we have always looked to the ever evolving PC to give us this “better thing” to compare it to. but now days its all about money, and no one can be bothered to show us how far we’ve come since the 5 year old consoles were launched. and so it may be that we don’t see a new console for another 5 years, because these current ones will always look “good enough”

    the only hope is that someone finally creates the perfect Engine, that scales perfectly from low end PC hardware, to the consoles, all the way up to current High end PC hardware – the cutting edge. one that takes advantage of all the unique features each platform has to offer.

    because only then can someone make a game, and show “here you can see it on the consoles, showing the best the consoles have to offer. and now here you can see it on a Tri-sli GTX480 PC maxing it out to, taking full advantage of the latest hardware tessellation features in dx11”

    then will we get the perspective that has been missing, only then will the consoles no longer be ‘good enough’, then maybe we will see a new console in my lifetime.

    so, my question:
    will CryEngine 3 be that engine? and will Crysis 2 achieve this?

  • Will (abusable) animals return? I’m sure everyone wants to throw some rats at the badmen.

  • Why do you insist on photorealistic artistic direction instead of a different style on your games knowing that your games will not age well and apart from graphics there is nothing special about them, and there wont be five years from now?

  • I’d like to makes a mention of the “Nanosuit 2” seeing as its such a key component in the franchise.

    I know a lot of emphasis has been placed on refining the first Nanosuit, but in terms of gameplay, is it like most games where the new equipment in a sequel is a 100% improvement over the original?

    Or does it have its trade-offs?(i.e malfuntion of suit for overused skill, limitations in enhanced abilities)

    I ask because I support the company’s “belivable science-fiction” core value and would like to see such implementations in the game.

  • Crysis was a game with many different gameplay options, from different stances to modifying your weapons on the fly. Since the sequel is releasing on consoles is it drastically dumbed down in all 3 versions due to the different control scheme and limited number of buttons or is this exclusive to the console versions only?

  • After seeing Crytek first set the graphical bar on the PC, and now producing some frankly astounding visuals on 4-5 year old tech, where does Crytek not only see themselves in 5 years time, but also the state of the gaming market, the tech and what they could feasibly achieve in the area of photorealism and visual immersion?

    No matter who wins this comp, I’m going to eagerly await their replies. I’m fascinated by what drives them.

  • With Crysis 2 featuring large changes to the abilities of the Nanosuit, how well do you think the hardcore PC gaming community will respond to the streamlining of its powers?

  • Will pc uses be getting a simplified control sceme such as not being able to go prone or no leaning because of the lack of controls on consoles.

  • Will a newish system capable of running Crysis at highest settings (1920×1080 res (running it well, mind you 😛 )) be capable of running Crysis 2 at its highest settings?

  • My Question would be:

    What are your thoughts on the nature of the game industry as a whole? Do you agree with what some are saying that less games are being made for hardcore gamers, and more for the casual gamers, because of a desire for money? Or do you believe that motion controlling is a good or bad thing for the game industry the way it is currently being used (as a tool for simple, casual, games akin to the first few wii games that came out with it, and the new kinect games.)?

  • In crysis and crysis warehead, many people commented on the lack of connection between the player and the main character on screen. This issue was further aggravated by the limited nature of the script at times and the lack luster voice acting that on many levels failed to connect with the player.

    How have Crytek approached the main character development as well as the voice work in Crysis 2?

  • Will you be releasing the original Crysis? Perhaps as an xbox live classic, similar to what EA did for Call of Duty?

  • Are there any plans for Crytek to stray from the world of first person shooters, and perhaps explore other genres of gaming?
    For instance, might we see a Crytek RTS or possibly a point and click adventure game in the future?

  • What are your plans, if any, for further development of the story/gameplay in downloadable content?

  • My question is thus:

    Wouldst thou include in thine game of astounding proportion an honourable Box of ye Sand/Editors kit, T’would be enjoyable to haveth elements of creativity as such.
    Also I wish to inquire, will thy environs be destructable similiar to the foliage in number one. What is this “New” York spoken of, I’ve never heard of such nonsense, and I doubt that this “suit” comes with a Top hat/Monocle. Also, will thine enemies sustain injuries to the likeness of a common thief shot in the foot, such as limping like a cur. Alas, I doubt “New” york has sufficient Chickens to participate in the annual Avarian tossing contest normally held with chickens, of which a high Mortality rate is associated with, I suppose Pidgeons will have to suffice.

  • I’m not going to ask the same questions as my “interviewing” colleagues. Crysis was to most and to myself a demonstration of your company pushing the limits of graphics/visuals.etc beyond that of other companies, resulting in what most describe as “tech demo”.

    The reason for this was the rather basic plot and story elements present within the game, with a focus on providing graphics far beyond that of your competitors.

    Which brings me to my question, I ask of you will plot and story play a larger role in Crysis 2 and how so?

  • How do the Crysis team keep themselves on track when have to spend hours on end fine tuning the interface (can machines, radio’s etc etc) and rendering your extremely detailed graphics?

  • What was the original thought process in making the first Crysis a PC exclusive and in turn how was the decision made to make the jump to consoles for Crysis 2?

  • When the original Crysis came out, many people had to upgrade their computers in order to play the game. Will Crysis 2 cause a similar effect?

  • What plans do Crytek have if the German Government’s decision of banning the development of violent video games picks up momentum again?

  • Will “Crying” finally be introduced to the gameplay in Crysis 2? I keep hearing about all this Crytek but have yet to see it surface in-game.

  • Would Crysis 3 be developed to include 3D gaming mode? If so, have you got any idea of how the game would be changed?

  • As a console gamer who has never played the original Crysis – I am aware of it’s reputation as the premier PC title from a graphics and presentation standpoint. With the sequel being cross platform, given that console gamers may not have experienced the original, what will set Crysis 2 apart from the competition in a crowded console FPS market?

  • Brochures for the Nanosuite 2 have mentioned many interesting new features, of wich the most disturbing is likely the ability to “extract
    usable energy from battlefield carrion”. Which new features are you most proud of and think will see the most use in gameplay.

  • We are seeing more and more publishers pushing for console exclusive titles. The reasons for this are pretty understandable, pure economics. Do you see PC gaming maintaining it’s relevance in the next 10 years?

  • My question is,

    What are the designers thoughts on enemy types? As the new backdrop is New York, what challenges do you face creating enemies and variants while keeping them looking alien and feeling alien but not as to pull the players too far away from a realistic/believable setting?

    Email is

  • I want to know one thing: Is it going to significantly top Crysis on PC graphically speaking?

    It has been far, far too long and Crysis still remains the top dog that no one seems able to top, normally this would be a no brainer but being a console centric engine this time around, I’m a little worried Crysis 2 won’t top its predecessor.

  • in crysis 2 as we know there is a news aliens ! this aliens is a devloped aliens from the crysis 1 or news ?

  • Given your eye for detail, perspicacity, and the effort put into the visuals in all Crysis games, Whom do you think is the hottest, most attractive female on the planet, and why?

  • Considering how the CryEngine3 will set a new benchmark for incredible graphics, natural gameplay mechanics, as such example, stealth was handled by Crysis better than similar products by the player sticking to shadows rather than having to stare at a stealth meter.(Though Crysis still used a stealth bar, natural gameplay was more evident than the bar) will this further drive natural gameplay in Crysis 2?

  • When the original crysis was released the game struggled on recommended hardware (nvidia 8800 series )while on current hard ware it runs like a dream(200 series nvidia cards). given that the realism bar was set so high did you feel to restricted buy todays hardware namely consoles, or did you work with tomorrows hardware in mind?

  • We all expect Crysis 2 to set a new high bar for graphics, but what is Crytek doing to try and set a new high bar for gameplay in shooters?

  • In the original crysis we’re never taken outside of the first person perspective contrary to many other shooters who use a third person perspective for their cutscenes. Will you be keeping this way of story telling in Crysis 2 and what other ways do you use to talk to a player about the environment they’re fighting in and its personality whilst communicating key gameplay details?

  • Crysis was the most pirated game of 2007, probably the reason for you to work on console versions of the sequel. What extra measures are you taking to ensure there isn’t a repeat performance come time for Crysis 2’s release?
    To add to that, what do think of the counter-piracy measures of other developers?

  • In Crysis the multiplayer was quite fun and there were mods for it that eventually came out and are still coming out. Can we expect more variety in Crysis 2 multiplayer and support for the modding community?

  • ‘CryEngine 2’ outlined the utilisation of multi-threaded, or multi-cored CPU’s. Unfortunately, there is very little improvement (if any) in the scalability between dual core and quad core processors in the benchmarking of ‘Crysis’ (it seems more dependent on clock speed). There are some game engines out there, such as ‘RAGE’ (integrated with ‘Euphoria’ for ‘GTA IV’) and ‘Frostbite’ (for ‘Battlefield: Bad Company 2’) which show more than marginal improvements with the processing power of multiple cores. In the case of B:BC2 – there are people claiming (with benchmarks) that a quad core processor can roughly yield a 150% increase in average frame rates over a dual core processor with the same clock speed (perhaps due to the heavy stresses of terrain deformation etc).

    The question is this: with the growing complexity of AI and physics etc, are we going to see the same kind of advantages with ‘CryEngine 3’?. Also, during the development of ‘CryEngine 3’, and its implementation on the Playstation 3, did you feel that you made good use of the SPU’s on the Cell processor? If so, how did you feel this measured against the 3 core Xenon processor in the Xbox360?

    • *SORRY – I made a mistake. I meant to say:

      In the case of B:BC2 – there are people claiming (with benchmarks) that a quad core processor can roughly yield a 50% increase…

      (NOT 150%!!)

  • After playing Bad Company 2, I was disappointed at the static nature of the destruction in the game. Will Crysis 2 have environments that feel realistic in the way they degrade and will the AI react in a not only appropriate, but smart way? Will the AI also make use of environment against you?

  • I’m a big fan of Crysis myself and use it constantly for benchmarking the latest video cards, I would like to know how you came apon the idea of creating this incredible game?
    Thanks for your time.

  • When developing sequels, many developers seek to improve on the immersive experience of past games. Apart from graphics, was there any aspects of the game you wanted to improve on with Crysis 2 to create a better experience for players?

  • Is there any chance of seeing a port of the original Crysis or Crysis Warhead on Ps3 or 360? Or just then single player campaign being made avaliable to download from either psn or xbox live?

  • what sort of destruction mechanics are going to be used? and how destructable will the surrounding environment be?

  • First person shooters have come a long way from the old ‘Doom.’ With popular series such as ‘Call of Duty,’ and ‘Far Cry,’ and the recent expansion into survival horror shooters, such as ‘Dead Space,’ what about the ‘Crysis’ series, has enabled it to stay at the top of the competitive FPS market?

  • What compelled you to make the jump to consoles (besides finances) and will their limitations be able to cope with the [suit voice] maximum graphics [/suit voice] of the PC version? Do you think that even while catering for 3 different platforms that you will be able to set a new benchmark for gaming graphics like you did all the way back in 2007? And are vehicles still controlled by heat seeking terminator Koreans?

  • There is no doubt that Crysis 2 is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2010.
    What are the top three reasons that Crysis 2 must be experienced by all gaming enthusiasts?

  • What I enjoyed the most about the storyline of Crysis was the apt integration of North Korea in the first half of the plot. In this case, will there be any new factions of human enemies to make an appearance in the new ‘New York’ environment? Will we see a return of the Korean People’s Army wanting for vengeance or instead an even more opportunistic group ready to benefit from the chaos caused by the alien invasion?

  • Will the graphics be as good or better than the first Crysis even though the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are less powerful machines/

  • PS3 and XBox 360 having a standard specs, do you find it harder to create for the PC because there is no set spec? do you find yourself having something great and amazing but find yourself pulling it out because of the range of tech specs for PCs?

  • Was it hard to gain city permission in order to photograph government and public buildings? Did you feel a need to have a bit of creative license with the buildings at all?

  • What research was needed to create the realistic New York environment and how is this shown within the finished product?

  • in a market where twitch shooters like call of duty or battlefield bad company prevail, why have you made the killing time so long and how will this affect the pace of the game?

  • The original Crysis was originally designed to be as much a game as it was a performance benchmarking tool for diehard technologists. It still is the king now, at almost 3 years old (which, is approximately 35 Internet years) where the technology of video cards are still barely hitting the maximum capability of the game.

    Will the next Crysis be designed with similar goals, and if it will, what are some of the latest video card technologies that the gods of video gaming (ATi and nVidia) have up their sleeves for the next 3 years?

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