Help Us Interview Crytek, Win Copies Of Crysis 2

If you could ask Crysis 2 developers Crytek any question at all, what would you ask?

Crytek are currently hard at work building a photorealistic New York for you to destroy with enormous guns. You know it as Crysis 2.

But they've agreed to take some time out of their busy schedule to answer your questions.

And EA has agreed to give away FIVE copies of Crysis 2 to the FIVE Kotaku readers who ask the best questions.

All you have to do is write your question for Crytek in the comments below. Only one question per person, please. And make sure you leave a valid email address or sign in with Facebook Connect so we can contact you.

At 5pm Friday, June 25, we'll pick the FIVE best questions and send them over to Crytek to answer. And when the game launches in November, EA will send a copy of Crysis 2 to the FIVE winners.

Good luck!


    My question would be:

    What improvements have been made to the CryEngine 3 compared to the CryEngine 2? The CryEngine 2 struggled to run at its full potential even on some high-end PC systems; how will the CryEngine 3 change this, running Crysis 2 on less powerful machines (consoles)?

    will this support motion controls on the 360 and ps3? oh and on that note any plans for a wii port?


      A Wii port?! You have GOT to be kidding me *shakes head*

    Creating one of the most advanced and easily the most beautiful game engines out there appears to come naturally easy to your team.
    What difficulties have you experienced in creating such a lush and captivating engine?

    In modelling New York, what difficulties (if any) were encountered in coding the behaviour of NPC's (or other elements) to accurately capture a city that never sleeps?

      "actually in some respects it was quite easy. for instance, with the NPCs all we had to do was take a generic NPC and remove the checks that stop it walking into other people and in front of traffic"

    Is this new engine of yours going to wear and strain the components of a pc like Crysis did? Or have you created a engine that utilizes all hardware components to their fullest so various pcs will be able to run it accordingly?

    From jungle warfare to urban warfare, what have you done that makes Crysis' stand out from the other urban warfare shooters and the original Crysis games?

    Will the action be free and open within a mission objective or will be see a more restrictive set-piece approach to the missions?

    Crysis and Crysis:Warhead were games that had an incredible blend of high quality gameplay and graphics without sacrificing one for the other.

    How did you maintain this level of quality and what challenges did you encounter with the change of scenery from a nature based setting to that of a man made environment such as New York?

    What were your inspiration on making Crysis 2 and the Cryengine 3?

    It seems all modern first-person shooters are attempting to 'up the anty' in terms of graphics,AI, destructible environments,story and engaging gunplay. While Crysis 2 seems to exceed in most of these categories which is it's biggest strength as you see it?

    Why was the setting for New York chosen for Crysis 2? Did you fear rejection from the gaming community, since New York is used often in video games?

    One of the biggest factors that differentiated Crysis from other shooters for me was the special abilities of the suit. Has there been further development there?

    In your opinion, has the advancement in PC Hardware directly or indirectly resulted, due to Crysis being a benchmark tool rather than a game?

    Was it difficult to make this game a cross-platform title with the new engine?

    Inevitably you have to cut out a thing or two to stay within budget or meet the deadlines.
    If there was one thing that you would of liked to of made it into the game, what was it?

    Considering that the best looking games on consoles tend to be the exclusives developed specifically for those platforms (think Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 on PS3, Gears of War on 360, etc), how much difficulty did you have in creating something which appears to achieve that degree of technical polish across both consoles? Do you think you could have produced even better results had you concentrated on one console platform to the exclusion of the other?

    Crysis 2 is powered by the CryENGINE 3, a lot of other game engines offer great graphics and unique effects(Lighting - Alan Wake, Water - Bioshock, Vast Open World - Red Dead Redemption/GTA4, Smooth Epic Battles - God of War 3) to improve gameplay. As a shooter, what is the most exciting 'advanced' graphic/gameplay element that Crysis 2 offers gamers that set it apart from every other shooter on the market?

    Given the trend of numerous developers releasing FPS games that they claim are 'innovative' and 'revolutionary', what do you consider is the X-factor that makes Crysis so popular amongst gamers?

    Do you feel any responsibility for the fact that some people on teh interwebs now think crysis is the correct spelling and use it in other contexts?

    Being New York, is it true Cookie Monster will perform a cameo appearance?

    when making the new Crysis did you ever have the urge to eat cake ?

    Crytek have been at the forefront of graphics tech for quite a few years now. I am interested to know what your thoughts are on 3D gaming and what pros and cons this snowballing trend might bring to the FPS genre.

    Will there maximum graphics? * said in robot voice *

    Is the piracy among the PC community the main reason for bringing Crysis to consoles? And if piracy wasn't a major factor, would Crytek still prefer to be developing PC exclusive games?

    When the original Crysis was released back in 2007 it was, and probably still is, considered the benchmark in terms of incredibly detailed graphics. Did the team feel any pressure and/or sense of responsibility in trying to raise the bar again with the sequel?

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