Here Are Some Beatmania Figures

This September, what are you doing? Game company Konami is releasing two Beatmania IIDX figures. So there.

Umegiri Iroha chocolate & Hinazuki Lilina strawberry are both getting 1/8 scale PVC figurines that are priced at ¥9,870 (US$108). These look familiar, you say? Good eye! The big difference is that these are alternative colour editions.

Perfect for those who don't want to shell more for the original figures, but don't mind the colour variation.

Beatmania IIDX Umegiri Iroha chocolate & Hinazuki Lilina strawberry 1/8 PVC figure set by Konami [Neko Magic]


    Still waiting for a PS2 version of Sirius, guys.
    This one is taking longer than usual.

    Ha ha, Beatmania!

    I must say I was struck with a little "beatmania" myself, when I saw that cleavage and mini-skirts!


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