Here's Pikachu's Favourite Ice Cream On The Citadel

As snapped by reader Chris C outside Sydney's Leichhardt Oval on Sunday.


    Are you implying Pikachu only endorsed the ice-cream for a discount?
    Or am I just projecting based on my own experience?

    Do they eat ice cream there or pokemon? He's got enough bites taken out of him.

    Looks like old pika-pika has a bad case of mange...

    whelp... *loads shot gun*... sorry little buddy... *cha-chk*

    is that a reference to the instance?

    love the mass effect 2 refference

    Oh man, that old thing's still around?

    I remember seeing this guy yeeeeeeeeears and years ago, when I was still a kid. Possibly selling from the carpark outside Rebel/Barbecues Galore at... Bankstown? Yagoona? If you've been there, you'll know the one I mean :P

    Thanks so much for posting. Made my day.

      No worries champ. ;)

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