How Awesome Game Menus Are Made

Don't mock the humble user interface. It might sound boring, but it can make or break your experience with a game. This short clip explains how Brutal Legend's was made, and you should watch it, because Brutal Legend's menu was awesome.

Joe Kowalski was the designer responsible for the "gatefold album cover" idea, which may be one of the game's most treasured legacies (since the game itself wasn't that great). He also did... well, pretty much everything that exists outside of the game world, like menus, tips and commands.

It's a part of game design that's often overlooked by both designers and fans alike, so it's great seeing how a good one came together.

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    Good work :D

    Brutal Legend wasn't that great? Thats news to me.

    Game was awesome

      I know right what's up with that?

      This game was fantastic it was something refreshing and brutally AWESOME!

    I wonder how much fun it was to work with Jack Black. He seems like a entertaining guy.

    Game was great (however, it was misleading from the demo considering it was mostly hack and slash).

    All that stuff in the clip is amazing - huge props to the guy for making 'em. I loved the main menu - best in any game (outside of Mario 64 where you can squish his face - the hours I wasted doing that).

    um... no you guys must not have actually played brutal legend or something. art style was great, story was fun, visuals were good, music, voice acting all great. but the game fell flat. it was repetitive and boring, it was a chore to get from point a to point b. it was a micro rts pretending to be an adventure game.

    but the opening menu -was- totally sweet.

      Seriously, the RTS comes up...what, 7 times in the entire game? Granted, the multiplayer is RTS only, but that's not really reflecting the singleplayer campaign. And as far as that goes, I found it to be brütally awesome.

    must play this again

    Man Brutal Legend was an awesome game! How can you deny it's goodness?

    Best menu ever too!

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