How Does The New Xbox 360 Perform Compared To The Old One?

In broad terms, the new Xbox 360 "S" model is the same as the previous console; it plays the same games, does the same stuff. But under the hood, there have been changes, and mostly for the better.

AnandTech have put the new Xbox to the test, comparing it to three previous iterations of the 360 to see how it stacked up in terms of power consumption and noise. You can see the results below. In short, it uses a lot less power, and is a bit quieter as well ("noticeably" quieter, according to AnandTech), spinning game discs at 51 dB(A) instead of 54 dB(A).

[AnandTech, via Gizmodo]


    One thing that turned me off of buying an Xbox in the past was the noise that it made. This model being quieter might convince me to give the console another look :)

      The noise comes mostly from the disc drive, so even with the previous systems installing games made it more than quiet enough. Unless you're playing with no sound or something it shouldn't be audible.

      it doesnt make that much noise, and to top it all off if you think the disc spinning is super noisy just install your game to the hard drive.

    does that mean that it will perform better because there is less energy used?

      It depends what you mean by "perform better". Same performance with lower power consumption IS better performance, but I take it you meant better graphics or something, which this will not feature.

    I wish consoles had the feature to turn the console off completely from the remote, when you hold the dashboard button and PS button.

    Then the way to turn it on would be pressing the button on the console. I know you could just get up and flick the switch on the PS3 or unplug the power cord on the 360, but I keep my consoles on an Ent. Unit and having to reach in to do so my PS3 is quite annoying.

    Sometimes its good to just turn them off completely after finshing playing it and going to bed for example. I hope the next Xbox works similar to the PS3 however and has the Power Off a switch on the back. That brick is so annoying and in order to Power Off completely, you have to unplug the cord!

      If you have to goto that extent of unplugging the power pack.... Then why not just have a powerboard for consoles/sound system/TV etc thats dedicated for non 24/7 items. Then simply turn that off at the wall when not using.

      Use a surge protector then you can turn everything off with one switch.

    I wonder what the carbon footprint\green word is on the power saved on new models vs the landfill made by redundant models.


    no i hear they just disabled the rrod

    RRoD was barely an issue in Falcon and Jasper models. It was quite an issue with Xenon, but after that, they changed some of the construction with the new MoBo configurations.

    The RRoD was usually due to a bad solder that was easily reproduced in the manufacturing process.

    Enough with the RRoD already. It's been hilarious for 5 years, but now it's only thigh slapping, as opposed to pants shitting on the hilarity scale.

    I have noticed that the top of the "new" xbox gets Super hot right by the vents. is that happening with anyone elses?

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