How Good (And Bad) Video Game Movies Are Made

Please print off and distribute to Hollywood film executives. As seen on UGO.


    Nicely illustrated! One of the best video game to movie adaption in my opinion was Mortal Kombat, NOT Annihilation!!! It was awesome for its time and i used to love it when i was a kid.

    Mortal Kombat was great, campy fun and followed the look, feel and story of the game quite well. The unspeakably bad sequel was unspeakably bad.

    Prince of Persia isn't bad and Silent Hill would've been a pretty good movie if they hadn't made a nonense ending and shoe-horned (the usually brilliant) Sean Bean plot arc into it. Apparently movies without men in them can never be good.

    All Boll leads to poison.

    I weep for the licences flushed down the Boll to be screened for all eternity in Hell, to make sure people are really suffering.

    And how the hell did they screw up Max Payne?

    The plot was there, the bullet time was there, cinematic sequences and drug abuse, yet they rip out the nightmare sequences, blend it, throw in some nosensical crap and turn the Valkyrie blue and stretch what's left so that there's enough left for a sequel.

    Uwe Boll will direct the metal Gear solid movie starring christian bale

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