How Long Should We Expect To Play Final Fantasy XIV?

Let's see, Final Fantasy XI came out in Japan in spring 2002. It's been over 8 years! But how long did Square Enix intend to support the game?

Five years. Since the title is popular, Square Enix continued to support it as Final Fantasy XI entered its sixth, seventh and eighth year. With the upcoming online game Final Fantasy XIV expected this year, how long can players look to continued support the game?

According to veteran Square Enix producer Hiromichi Tanaka, five years. Don't be shocked, however, if it enters its eighth year. There is a precedent for that, you know.


    Um... don't you mean they will continue to sell subscriptions for at least 5 years. It is a paid MMO.

    Square seem to rehash/rerelease their back catalog ad nauseum. Why would their MMO games be any different.

      You're so right.

      Square Enix are losers for making and selling popular game franchises.

      They should learn from Nintendo, Bungie, and Blizzard.

      You don't see Mario, Halo, or Warcraft being rehashed ad nauseum do you?

      Seriously, what was the point of your little hissy-fit?

    you can't sequel an mmo, they always fail you leave 1/2 your fan base in the old game

    I would be satisfied with a 5, or 8, year stretch. If they make the 5 years claim that's good :)

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