How Much Will Rock Band 3's 'Pro' Controllers Cost?

The next version of Rock Band is going "Pro", adding a new keyboard controller, a 102-button, six-string guitar controller and a new cymbal add-on for the game's drum controller. How much will Pros have to pay to play?

Peripheral maker Mad Catz revealed the pricing of its new Rock Band 3 controllers today, the ones that will add a more intense level of difficulty and may even teach players how to play some of their favourite songs. Adding a keyboardist to your line-up or investing in one of Rock Band 3's Pro controllers won't be cheap, mind you, but you have options.

  • Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard Controller (Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 / Wii) - $US79.99
  • Rock Band 3 Game & Wireless Keyboard Controller Bundle (Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 / Wii) - $US129.99
  • Rock Band 3 Wireless Fender Mustang PRO-Guitar Controller (Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 / Wii) - $US149.99
  • Rock Band 3 Wireless PRO-Cymbals Expansion Kit (Universal) - $US39.99
  • Rock Band 3 MIDI PRO-Adapter (Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 / Wii) - $US39.99

Too rich for your blood or priced just right? To see if you'd like to get back into the Rock Band game, read our hands-on preview of Rock Band 3, complete with impressions of the game's new controller.


    yeah good luck with that. i think the rb and gh franchises have been done to death now. just let them R.I.P!!

    So for the keyboard, cymbals, new guitar and game it will cost US$320, so I'm guessing we should expect to pay $450-$500 here in Australia. Hopefully there will be a complete bundle at a cheaper price.

    Man, I better start saving.

      Hahaha, dude, this is Rock Band, not Guitar Hero. It won't even be -released- here. If you want it, you'll be importing.

        Lol, yeah, I know they stooged us with RB2, and if they don't bring it here, well all I can say is it's great to have a relative living in America.

          what are you two on about, rock band 2 came out for australia and so have all the other rock bands, the only rock band that came out extremely late was 1.

            I'm guessing you saw it in a store (most likely Gametraders), but that doesn't mean it got an Australian release. Even if it was a PAL version, what you saw would have been an import copy from the UK.

            Rock Band 2 was never released in Australia. I had to import mine from England.

        Let's keep things in perspective: four out of the five Rock Band games to date have been released in Australia.

          yes but of those 4 out of 5

          1 was released a year late when the rest of the world was getting rock band 2 ( Dodgily released at the same time as GHWT as so to look like it had just been made)

          Lego is fun but it stays away from some of the more adult songs

          Green Day and Beatles are only any good if your a fan of there music or really just want different song puzzle

          and nearly 2 years later we still have no Rock band 2 date

          and considering its the main releases like 3 that are being stooged here its all well in perspective to say that they wont be released

          they seem to have an eversion to sending us any game that adds more controllers to the mix

          and given that these games are starting to get a bit stale if the sales are down in america and the UK its gonna make it all the more likely they dont send us stuff in australia

        I spoke to EB and they have NO dates for a bundle, or even the keytar peripheral.

        The only thing they've got is the mustang coming out end of nov...

    And at this point I say I'm done with this franchise *forever* at these prices.

    Screw that.

    At this point of realism why not start playing a real guitar now?

      because your not GUITAR HEEEERRROOOOOO wooohoooo...

        its not Guitar Hero, its Rock Band. Reading and Comprehension skills are sorely missing.

    probably going to get the MIDI PRO-adapter, and plug in my old MIDI keyboard. Not really interested in this pro mode, as I already know how to play proper keyboard, but i would like to play normal rock band with the keyboard

    I'll be picking up the midi controller, glad they put it in as an option.
    The guitar is tempting, I can already play but it would be fun to play RB with a real guitar and try some of the pro modes out.
    The game is all about the fun of being in a band and playing 'live' gigs and hanging out with your mates, so whether you can play an instrument for real or not, the fun is still there. For those of us who can play, this might make it feel a bit more real. For those that can't, it will help setup the muscle memory for chord changes and keyboard skills that would be a good stepping stone to playing for real.
    I don't see how the instruments could get much cheaper, a basic electric guitar is about the same money, ditto for a midi capable keyboard.

    These Rockband/Guitar Hero peripherals are getting more ridiculous, and have far out-stayed their welcome.

    The Rockband Keyboard is now essentially a mini-keyboard, missing the entire point of a music simulation as it's precisely as difficult to play a real piano.

    this will be the first rock band game I ever bought and I'm getting the real guitar version "pro" and as far as I understand it can actually hook-up to an amp so your basically getting a real guitar and I have a amp with a broken guitar "don't know about the quality of it" but it says fender and fender doesn't make cheap guitars.............

    reading through some of these comments and especially the ones on youtube makes me wonder if any of you have any real talent at all or if any of you ever wanted to learn anything whatsoever, I think its unbelievable that some ppl like rd/gh games and DON'T like the fact that their actually going to teach you how to play real songs the way their really played..............

    I can't wait for this and I wouldn't be surprised if this game ended up becoming as big as "nintendo wii" and this game is probably going to be the most educational videogame ever made especially one thats not so bad.............

    the price for the guitar might be high, but that's only because it has an outjack so you can even plug into an amp and play it like a real guitar. they're only doing this cause they want you to feel more into the game.

    my balls are sore

    The Aussie dollar is virtually on par with the US's. This isn't good. =(

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