How The Mortal Kombat Short Was Made (And What Happens Next?)

Did you know Kevin Tancharoen, the man behind yesterday's amazing Mortal Kombat short, shot it in just two days? And that much of the work was done for free? You do now.

Tancharoen say down for an interview with Collider earlier today, and spoke about how the short film was made, and what he hopes to do with it now he's got the internet's attention.

"It took over a two-month span of time", he told the film website. " I shot this whole thing in two days on two Red cameras that were donated to me with a group of friends who all believed in the cause."

"It all started at the beginning of April and it took two months to do all the post and the editing. I edited it myself and the visual effects were great people donating their time. It turned out to be pretty awesome. I was very, very happy about it."

While confirming that it was a personal project, and had zero involvement or blessing from Warner Bros. (who now own the Mortal Kombat rights), Tancharoen does say it was made with the intent of getting a Mortal Kombat movie off the ground, with him as director (he's had experience with...Fame).

Exclusive Interview with MORTAL KOMBAT: REBIRTH Director Kevin Tancharoen; Learn How it Came Together and What He Wants to do in a Feature Film! [Collider]


    Lets hope it does get off the ground. Dark, gritty and gruesome,...what MK should be.

      While I'd normally disagree that these are the only main elements that a MK film requires (I think a bit of darker humour is generally also required), I thought the short was absolutely fantasic. I'd love for a actual film to be made in this style.

      Mortal Kombat? Dark? Gritty? Impossible. The series is just a 1990s pubescent boy's dream with over-the-top action and people in pyjamas. Hell, the main guy in the trailer (Jax), his entire gimmick is built around how he has a fake looking rubber robot arm. There's no way you can make that dark or gritty.

      Either you can go down that path and take yourself too seriously, as well as alienate everyone who loved Mortal Kombat. Or you remake the first 2 movies which were dogshit.

        have to agree with Strand0410.

        I mean it's like trying to make batman dark and gritty, I mean it has stupid on screen flashes (kpow, bam, blewie) over the top villains and a bat utility belt with everything on it as well as a batman who loves to dance. no way anyone could make that dark and gritty and have it be a success!

    I want a RED so bad, they are soooooooo sexy.

    So WB is making this movie, right? Because if they don't after this amazing viral outbreak of MK love, they all need to be replaced.

      The thing I love is that listening to the interview, you can just tell he loves Mortal Kombat and he wants to make the movie and make it good. I mean, he wanted to be a Ninja Turtle. I hope for his sake that he gets a MASSIVE budget to make this movie, because it's going to be epic.

    He did that in 2 days for free with 2 donated cameras?

    For fuck's sake Warner Bros., give him permission to do the film! He could make a box office smash for less than $100,000! How can you possibly lose?

    He seems to have something alot of directors of Game movies don't, a love for the source material.

    So we've had this MK short and Street Fighter Legacy both in the past month, both absolutely fantastic produced by fans for basically no money.


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