How To Control The Next Zelda Game

These are the controls for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, that new 2011 Wii game I played earlier this week at E3. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

These Skyward Sword posters lined a wall back in Nintendo's E3 2010 booth. People waiting to play the game were expected to stand along this wall. Maybe, in doing so, they would learn something.


    Is it wrong that these pics actually make me want to play the game.

      These are the kinds of controls I wanted with Twilight Princess. Looking forward to playing with it.

        Me too. I'm excited about the visuals and I'm excited about the controls - the two problem areas for so many Wii games.

        Agreed. I was unsure, but now I really want to play the game. Looks like what Twilight Princess should have been, really :P

    I'm not sure I could sustain these kinds of movements for the 40 odd hours it usually takes to complete a Zelda game.

    But then maybe I'm just getting old and lazy.

      The old people's home my grandmother was in used Wii's to rehabilitate and keep the residents physically active.

      Maybe it will do the same for you.

    This looks amazing. A first day buy for me.

    so is this going to use motion plus?

    please tell me there is button alternatives

    It would be better if they actually made the option to play link left hand if we want to. So we can experience his unique and traditional left handed side. Like the previous games of the legend of Zelda. Since I am a left handed person. I always want to play link on the trilight princess using the wii remote with my left hand. Since I know how to play the controller well. But I never bought the wii version, cause I want to keep myself traditional like lefty link. Instead I bought the gamecube version even doh there is no wii implementation to the gamecube link. But maybe the legend of Zelda skyward sword should have the option to play link including the body movement shown on the poster in reverse. That should make most left handy happy. Thank you for undestanding.

    I play new Zeldas on 10 hour+ binges. Oh God. I'll probably have to start working out again to finish this game.

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