How To Play The Crackdown 2 Demo FOREVER

Microsoft may have slapped a time limit on the new Crackdown 2 demo, but that won't stop the internet, with users seemingly finding a way to play it for as long as they want.

It involves a little juggling, as you need to manually disconnect your console from Xbox Live then reconnect it at a specific moment go get it working, but once it kicks in you'll be able to - provided you don't enter any races or rooftop missions - enjoy the demo at your own pace.

You can get the full instructions in the vid below. We'd like to thank its creator for not laying a Linkin Park track over the top of it. I can't get it working because of how my internet is set up; any of you able to confirm this?

Crackdown 2 Demo Has Unlimited Time Glitch [1UP]


    Confirmed, worked for me. Still to test if co-op is gonna work with the glitch, will post back when able to test...

    If you have the game on xbl and want someone to co-op with, add me, gamertag Freddanator =]

    I foresee an update in crackdown 2 demo's future

      I know =[ Iv had a game going for the past 4 hours, playing it on and off everything level 4, level 5 strength, its good fun :) - just dont do any races or rooftop races :P

    Can comfirm, IF YOU HOST THE GLITCHED SERVER other clients can join. The timer is based on the HOSTS game, therefore can do 4player demo co-op forever. :P

    Works coop, only host needs to do this

    They patched the time glitch... you download an update when you load the demo which disables the glitch. Anyone figure out a different way?

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