How To Trade-Up To The New Xbox 360 For $US90 In The US

The new, smaller, sexier Xbox 360 is in stores now, and if you know where to go it can be yours for as little as $US90.

As a member of the Kotaku team not present at Microsoft's 2010 E3 press conference, I do not get the new Xbox 360 for free, so as soon as I got home I contacted my local GameStop to see if they had them in stock. They do, and even better, they've got trade-in specials going for the original Xbox 360 that make upgrading a lot less painful.

I feel it bears mentioning that my local GameStop manager didn't know about the new model until a customer called him asking for it, ten minutes after the Microsoft presser ended. For a company the regularly leaks information like a sieve, that's rather impressive.

But we aren't here to be impressed by secrets. We're here to be impressed by savings.

Right now the Xbox 360 base unit is trading in for $US100 store credit. That's without hard drive and with one controller.

GameStop trades in the hard drives separately as they have to send them off to be cleaned. The smallest size, 20GB, trades in for $US30, with the 60GB, 120GB and 250GB netting you $US35, $US40 and $US50 respectively.

Then there's the network adaptor. The new system has built-in Wi-Fi, so your wireless adaptor is now obsolete. The white version trades in for $US40, while the newer black version will score you $US50 credit.

And let's not forget the Edge card, which gives you an extra 10 per cent store credit for accessories.

So, if you've got a 250GB Xbox 360 with the black wireless adaptor, your trade-in credit works out like this:

System: $US100

Network Card: $US50 ($55 with Edge card)

Hard Drive: $US50 ($55 with Edge card)


Total: $US200 ($210 with Edge)

With the new Xbox 360 selling for $US299, that leaves only $US90 to $US100 unaccounted for.

Other items you can trade-in include wireless controllers at $US25 apiece, and wired controllers for $US20.

So yes, trading up to the new 360 isn't as painful as it could be, and GameStop told me that if they sell out, they'll let you reserve from the next batch, with the trade-in special still applying.

Of course you have your saved data to worry about, but that just means you'll have to play your favourite games all over again, and who doesn't love doing that?


    Just out of curiosity, how much credit would you get for a 20GB launch console?

      Not much. They don't like getting the older models, prone to rrod.

        So... if you've got a very recent console with the same specs and all the features, you only need to pay $150 Australian to "upgrade" to the different case.

        Wow, a bargain.

    If I've got my profile and all my DLC/extra game content on a External Drive due to the recent update, how will that affect me in terms of transfering my data to the new Xbox?

      okay firstly, usb backup is a given so we don't have to "replay" our games over again. And Chris, only your saved games will be able for transfer. The DLC is licenced to your console and your profile has access to it. When you get the new console you'll have to visit and use the licence transfer tool. It's painless, but can only be used once a year. I know crazy right? M$ can be so annoying sometimes. Some content may need to be re-downloaded, you can find it in your download history.

    I have 2 consoles and I wanna keep it that way.

    20GB and 120GB - Wouldn't mind keeping the Elite as it isn't even 12 months old yet.

    Maybe eBay will be my best bet. I'll throw in some games, 2 controllers, the WiFi adapter, headsets, messenger kit.
    Hopefully some Mum picks it up for her kid and pays more than what EB would offer.

    Does anyone know what the trade-ins are like with Game or EB?
    And for specific accessories/SKUs of the consoles like this article shows for the US?

      EB and GAME wouldn't offer you enough to justify the trade in, they'll end up selling it for probably 100 bucks more than what they gave you probably.

    I dont think we have Gamestops in Aust.

    went to EB and they offered about 120 for my elite with 120gb.

    Oh Jeff Jeff Jeff, Gamestop is EB in Aus...
    and I heard whispers in the attic that the minute JB announce what they're charging, which will easily be less than $450 AUD, then EB will make a better deal. So wait until the day before it comes out for a treat!

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