How To Transfer Your Old Xbox 360 Data To The New Xbox 360

Worried about migrating data from an old Xbox 360 to the new redesigned version of the console? It won't be that hard, an Xbox spokesperson told me today.

A transfer will be necessary in order to move download content and game save data from an older console to the new 360. The hard drives of all original-design Xbox 360s simply don't bolt onto the new Xbox 360, which uses a different harddrive shape and connection. (See the new hard drive in Kotaku's video walkthrough of the new Xbox 360.)

So how so you bring your data over?

People with the outgoing model will be able to transfer their data to a USB stick, ferrying it from one console to the next. Both versions of the console have USB ports, making such a transfer fairly simple. But if you have many gigabytes of data on your current 360 — or a stick that doesn't hold much data — that solution won't be much help.

The alternate solution is to use the existing Xbox 360 transfer cable which connects Xbox 360 harddrives to the destination console's USB port. Plugging the transfer cable in will allow the data transfer.

New Xbox models should be available in stores by July 1st. We haven't tried either recommended solution yet but will when we obtain a unit. If you get to it first, let us know how it goes.


    Was wondering if that was the solution. I just want to know now if EB Games are going to do any trade-in deals...

      i like. i like...

      mine is less than a year old, so this kind of comes as a kick in the pants. If only i had been more patient (a year more patient to be precise)

        I got my 120Gb Elite about 6 months to a year ago, after my original console died (again) out of warranty. It was going to be AU$150 to get it repaired, and I'd end up with my ~3 year old console back, still with it's 20Gb hard drive. So I instead forked out for a new console, which wasn't so bad as it included a new controller, headset and 3 or 4 games (which I still need to trade in somewhere...).

        And the last piece falls into place.

    It should really, really, REALLY be noted that some game data will simply NOT copy to USB. I found this when trying to back up my saved games onto USB, the xbox kicked up an error saying I couldn't copy them. The games that the data wouldn't copy for me were-

    Ace Combat 6
    Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
    Fable 2
    Forza 3
    Perfect Dark Zero
    Rock Band

      Sorry, I should also note that the AC6 and DOAX2 data happily came across from my 20gb to 120gb drive using the transfer kit a while back, so it's safe to use that if you want to be sure you'll keep all your save games.

        erm... i moved my forza 3 saves across to USB no problems... i didn't try the DLC or the actual game content however...

        you need to be signed in as the owner of the save game for it to move across

        i think the key is "move" don't "copy"

        This can also happen when not signed into the correct profile. Just make sure your signed into the profile that "owns" the save game data and just choose the "copy" option and you will be fine. I do it all the time between my xbox 360's.

        did all cod files copy srry im asuming you own cod mw and mw2

    Really like the new design, makes the 360 look a little more modern. Unfortunately my Halo3 box is still running strong (no RROD yet!) so may have to hold off on this until it starts to die

      I'm in the same boat as you, Steve. My Halo3 Console is still going strong after two and a half years. Hopefully I won't need to buy the new one any time soon.

    i assumed that'd be the case... happy i've got a transfer cable from when i bought my 120gb hdd as i think i will grab one of these when they come out :)

    Anyone here work for EB / JB / Game?

    If I want to trade in my console for one of the new ones... how do I go about transferring the stuff on my current hard drive over? There's about 100 and something gigs so the USB is out.

    Will your store let me do the data swap on site?

      I highly doubt you will be able to do it on site. None of the stores really have the time or the facilities for this to occur.

      How much of the data is actually crucial? ie Save game files and your profile? The majority of the stuff you can just download again once you get your new console. I'm guessing you could probably get away with a 16gb USB stick (which is the max the xbox will read anyways) for all your save games, profile and maybe some DLC that you use often.

      If you have a hdd full of your own music and videos then you might be out of luck. Hopefully you have them on your PC or something. In that case, I'd suggest streaming the data from your PC anyway.

        I work for EB. If you keep your receipt for purchasing your new 360, you should be able to return within a week and trade the old hard drive in, getting a cash/debit refund to the amount of the trade value. It's possible to do, but if the person serving you is new/stupid they might have a hard time comprehending what you want to do.

      If you have a local store and you know the staff well I'm sure they wouldn't mind helping you out.
      I know I'll be assisting most of my regulars and the young kids with Mums that have no idea whats going on :P

      I lend my transfer cable out to customers on occasion too :)

    Correct me if im wrong, but i thought you could only migrate your data once every 12 months or so? I hope that isnt the case with the new console, cause i wouldnt mind getting one.

    But can you transfer to a smaller or same sized hard drive? I've already got a 250GB HDD so it could be a real problem for me.

      You can only do a data migration once every 12 months using the online data migration tool on the MS website, I'm pretty sure that doesn't include using the physical data migration kits.

    Not mentioned: if you transfer your data to a new hard drive, you'll have to re-download all of your DLC or it won't work when your console isn't connected to the Internet. I discovered that the hard way when taking a new 360 to a friend's place to play Rock Band. And the most fun part of all: there's no "re-download all" button as far as I'm aware, so you'll have to go through one by one.

    Apparently my comments from work didn't work. Ironic.

    Does anyone know where I can easily/cheaply get a transfer cable? Does EB stock them, and if so how much?

    Ebay the cable it's like $9 and $23 from MS.

    nice...bought an elite console a week and a half ago and NOW they confirm a new console -_-

    im going to be getting the new 360 on launch day,

    i was going to buy a new HDD anyway and now since the new 360 is coming i may as well trade it in completely and get the new one.

    You could just get a usb for your game saves and when you recieve your new xbox check your download history to redownload all dlc. It is time consuming but cheap enough that you probably wont need to buy anyhting at all.

    What of you don't have transfer cable can you get one with out buying the hard drive o mean I have the cable but no disk

    Just brought the new console home today. The transfer cable works without the disk. A menu pops up when you plug it in with the hard drive from older xbox 360 consoles asking if you would like to transfer content now. Then it gives you choice to transfer to or from hard drive. Then it brings you to a menu where it has auto selected all your content for transfer. But if for some reason you don't want to transfer everything it does give you the opportunity to select stuff not to transfer. Then after you start the transfer and hoping no errors occur everything should work just fine for you. As for usb method no idea on that. If you have transfer cable or can buy/borrow transfer cable probably easiest way to go about it.

    ok, not sure if there is a post up here that actually answers my question.... but here is my situation. I want the new system. I want to sell my old one first though... with all my games and such in order to pay for the new system. (i just rent games so i dont need the ones i own)... so anyway heres my question... how can i transfer all my data... profile with points and everything off my current hard drive.. sell it... get the new system... and get the info onto there? Can i do this with just a USB stick and put the data onto my computer for now without messing any files up? whats the best solution for this?

    I cant decide, should i purchase a 4gb new xbox 360 console or the 250gb one? which one could be the best one?

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