How Xbox 360's Live Gold Family Plan Could Be Free For You

When the Xbox Live Gold Family plan hits Xbox Live this November, you may not have to pay a penny to sign up, depending on how many existing paid accounts you have.

The Family plan includes four one-year Xbox Live gold memberships for $US100. Currently, one-year gold memberships run about $US50 a pop. So how, I asked Jerret West, senior group product manager of Xbox Live subscriptions, is Microsoft going to do the maths on people rolling their individual plans into the family plan?

"Solving for something like that was like solving for the matrix," West said. "You will be able to migrate your core accounts over and pick up credit for those."

West said that Microsoft will look at the value of the remaining time you have left on the total number of accounts you are rolling over into the Family plan and then give you the appropriate amount of credit towards the $US99 sign-up fee.

If the accounts you are rolling into the plan have more credit than the $US99 it costs to start the plan, Microsoft will extend your membership for the appropriate number of months.

I also asked West if there were any thoughts of allowing households with more than four gold accounts to join the family plan for a set fee per an account, like maybe charging an extra $US20 or $US30 for every account over the four included in the plan.

"Four is the magic number right now," West said. "But that's on the table. We want to see how this works out first though."


    To be honest I think they need to be more flexible from the get go, I have a friend who was interested in this until he realised he's still paying for only two. There's no saving.

    Main Account = Normal Price
    Sub Account 1 = 33%
    Sub Account 2 = 33%
    Sub Account 3 = 33%

    4 People work out the same, and you encourage people who share a 360 to all get their own accounts.

    Why would I want my family to have their own accounts? More achievements for me!

    Though I spose, they suck and would totally lower my rep if they played online.

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