'Hulu Plus' Coming To PlayStation 3 In July, Xbox 360 In 2011

Another reason to cancel the cable bill? The internet-based group that offers network TV shows online for free revealed that Hulu Plus is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iPads and iPhones, for $US10 a month, with ads.

The Hulu service offers full episodes, seasons and even series runs for many current and past hits from ABC FOX, and NBC.

Hulu Plus is available for iPhones and iPads now, according to the official Hulu blog. (You need iOS4). It comes to PlayStation 3s next month and is slated for the Xbox 360 in 2011. It is also slated to be available on some web-connected TVs.

The iPad/iPhone version will work over WiFi or 3G connections.

The Xbox 360 version will be available only to paying Gold members of Xbox Live.

Full Current Seasons Available Through Hulu Plus Include:

24 30 Rock American Dad! Bones Brothers & Sisters Castle Cougar Town Dancing With The Stars Desperate Housewives Dollhouse Family Guy Find My Family FlashForward Friday Night Lights Glee Happy Town House Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Lie To Me Losing It With Jillian Lost Mercy Minute to Win It Modern Family Parenthood Parks and Recreation Private Practice Saturday Night Live Shark Tank Supernanny The Biggest Loser The Cleveland Show The Good Guys The Office The Tonight Show with Jay Leno The Wanda Sykes Show Trauma

Full Season Runs Include:

30 Rock 8 Simple Rules Ally McBeal American Dad! Angel Arrested Development The Biggest Loser Brothers & Sisters Buffy The Vampire Slayer Dancing With The Stars Desperate Housewives Eli Stone Grey's Anatomy Heroes Law and Order SVU Legend of the Seeker Life Lipstick Jungle Miami Vice My Name is Earl Parks and Recreation Prison Break Roswell Quantum Leap Reaper Samantha Who? Saturday Night Live Supernanny The OFfice The Pretender The X-Files Ugly Betty What About Brian

Video content through Hulu Plus will be offered in 720p. Hulu's news today did not include any specifics about where Hulu Plus will be available other than to note that expansion to more countries is planned.

Kotaku AU Note: Hulu is not available in Australia.

Introducing Hulu Plus: More wherever. More whenever. Than ever. [Hulu Blog]


    Would sell my right arm and my left leg to get hulu over here in Aus. Dam licensing laws.

      Oh man. How I agree with you. Maybe if I sold them my kidney?

        id even sell your other kidney so i could get it..

        i looked into dodgy ways like vpn to get it here but these all seem to have been shut down.

        I want TV, in digital format (with or without ads, i dont care) that I can download when i want it (after it has gone to air) ASAP, preferably as soon as it has gone to air in the states as i am impatient and we can wait months for it to air over here (New season of Futurama for example)...

        Legally, What options do I have?

          Heh I had a suggestion right up until you used the word "Legally"

          I think your best legal option is to wait until people realise that the digital age has made regional restrictions obsolete and finally start treating the world as a single market.

          I'm feeling optimistic about it so I'm setting my stasis pod to wake me up in only 500 years

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