I Am The Controller? Of The Bathroom?

As seen in my hotel.


    It would pack more of a punch if they wrote it in something that would show up when the bathroom steamed up, or better yet, blood :P

    Wow, microsoft's new advertising stratagy, "reading material on the can, you can't escape it"

    Sounds like a line out of a horror movie... although I guess the Kinect is already a bit of a catastrophe.

    To me Kinetic sound like some new razor blade branding.

      It's a blessing, then, that the device is actually called "Kinect".

    It's all about getting used to seeing yourself on the screen.

    Actually, it's not from microsoft at all - it's actually from hotel management - they're sick of people missing the bowl

      YAY! Now my day doesn't suck after I got owned by my exam, because your comment made me laugh :)

    Wait so did someone stick that on after Brian left the room?

    Thats creepy.

      Yeah, apparently they were stuck on the bathroom mirrors of all attendees of the Microsoft press conference while they were at said conference, and not in their rooms.


        You are the controller. Of everything except your privacy and hotel room. We control that.

    What's with everyone confusing Kinect with Kinetic, it's not that hard people.

    kotaku needs a like button

    Wait, is this some freakish new 3D version of The Sims for Natal/Kinect, where you have to motion control... well, motions? Honestly though, advertising in hotel bathrooms? Where does it end?

    you are the controller but microsoft controls you.

    your privacy and hotel security measures are nothing but playthings for Microsoft brainwashing... Don't forget to enjoy your free Xbox 360 Slim

    Ashcraft's face is hilarious.

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