If Atari Was Apple, And Had Done It All In 1977...

Designer Alex Varanese had an idea: what if the technology of 2010 had been around in 1977?

It's an idea he illustrates in these pictures, showing an iPod, mobile phone, laptop and portable gaming system decked out in what looks a lot like Atari's trademark livery of red, orange, yellow and woodgrain.

While the phone, laptop and iPod are more of a joke than an actual work of design - the use of things like LED on the phone being way ahead of their time - I really like Microcade 3000. Not just for the name, but for its no-frills design. And... the fact red, orange, yellow and woodgrain looks great.

ALT/1977 [via technabob]


    Love how the LapTron uses a trackball.... And it's running a Hello World program

    Brilliant stuff.

    I agree, bring back woodpanelling!

    Am ordering my Atari Microcade 3000 right NOW.

    That laptop looks ballin'.

    I think I'll wood panel my Ps3

    Anyone for a game of Pung?

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