If Halo: Reach Was 3D, It Would Look, Well, Like This

Killzone 3 is in 3D. Xbox counterpart Halo: Reach is not. But if it was? It'd look a little something like this.

This clip is a fan-made job, taking some of Reach's 3D screenshots (like, the rotating 3D kind) and making them... the other 3D. Like, the "has depth in front of your face" kind. God, this is so confusing.

Whatever, though, if you've got a pair of 3D glasses lying around the house, grab them and give this video a look.

[via Hawty McBloggy]


    I've got a pair of red&blue ones, that was trippy. I loved the 'floating' HUD.

    Until Glasses-free 3D LCD/LED/Plasma sets are within an affordable range I couldn't give a rats about 3D... they should have just waited till the next generation of consoles for it, because frankly, affordable glasses-free 3d sets will be quite a few years out (if the trend holds)

    Hey, that was pretty cool. Work well, if not for the lack of colour depth.

    No 3D glasses so I tried cross-eyed. Had to pause it to get it started. While it was fine for a while my eyes started complaining after about a minute. Maybe I'd do better with some more sleep but I recommend 3D development not go down this path.

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