If Lady Gaga Were In Street Fighter IV

An unknown artist (if you know, email us!) takes on Street Fighter IV and Lady Gaga. As seen by reader Al.


    Ibuki would destroy Gaga any day of the week.

      Hmmmm I dunno...Gaga is more likely to "poke her face" with her rumoured tucked away man bits.

        Somebody give this man an internet!!!

        Nah. Ibuki would just rip it off and slap her across the face with it.

        You mean Lady 'Gagger' .. ?

        Anyway, isn't 'Ibuki' some sort of Japanese Porn Fetish?

        HA! Gold.

    Quick someone call Capcom. This MUST happen!!

    Awesome. That is all.

    i like that!

    I'd buy this if it were DLC... and if i had SSFIV.

    I would love to see this. If only it had those "after touch" moments like Tekken when you can keep pummelling the sh** out of her when shes un-concious.

      I'm sure one would be able to customise Lili to look like her. With the same 'do in the picture, anyway.

        Or if Kula from SNK became an extra character, could be a nice custom skin & style for her

    Oh ****! Please, no.....

    "If Lady Gaga Were In Street Fighter IV"

    I would happily beat the living crap out of her.

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