If This Is The Next Mortal Kombat, Sign Us Up

Michael Jai White as Jax? Jeri Ryan as Sonya Blade? Baraka and Reptile as homicidal maniacs? This footage from what looks to be the next Mortal Kombat movie is brutal, disgusting and perfect.

Reader Kev sent us a link to this YouTube video, posted under the Mortal Kombat Rebirth account name, featuring a realistic new take on the Mortal Kombat franchise that has more in common with movies like suspense and horror films like Seven and Saw than anything resembling the campy video game to film adaptations we've seen in the past.

Last we heard, Warner Bros was looking to reboot the film franchise. If this is the fruit of that effort, we approve wholeheartedly.

This is way too much star power for a fan project. We're digging around for more information. Considering the timing of this trailer, however, we expect we might hear more as E3 quickly approaches.

Now, help us figure out who all is appearing in this clip.


    If this is just a small part of a full-blown feature film, then consider me interested!

    I'm sold already.Looks frikken awesome.

    Christian Bale as Scorpion?

    I don't care for Reptile's new origin story, but the whole thing is fantastically grotesque and gory. Count me in!

    the gut from spawn is in it

    Eek gads! a GOOD game to movie translation? Has hell frozen over? Jebus christ this look awesome. The fact it has Jai White in it alone makes my head explode. I hope to god this is a real movie and not some shitty intro to a new game. This movie NEEDS to be made.

    I never liked Johnny Cage anyway.

    I'm not sure if I like what they did to Reptile, I like what they did with Baraka except they need to make his face look more like his game counterpart. Unless they're doing a reboot for the game as well and these are the new look characters.

    Consider me interested, but I'm not gonna have high hopes for it.

    I hope they got someone like Jet Li for Liu Kang.

    The mods over at io9.com said this wasnt for a movie. It was possibly for a new game launch (with E3 coming up and all).
    I thought Midway shut shop. Who owns the Mortal Kombat rights now?

      Warner Bros. Interactive own the Mortal Kombat rights now, along with most of the Midway franchises. I think THQ snapped up what was left.

    There are a lot of people around the interwebs getting their panties in a twist over this.
    I see it as A new universe in the MK franchise. It's like Comic Books.

    The best part about this is that the gore and violence is here. Whatever it is makes me happy.

    At the moment according to IMBD.com it's a movie and damn it looks freakin awesome. Bring it on!

    I'm interested. Hell it couldn't be any worse than the other Mortal Kombat films...

    I hate to say it, but this looks waaay to good to be an actual movie. Hollywood wouldn't let this happen... Seriously, just look at the previous MK movies (the first of which I actually don't mind). Fingers crossed though.

    Looks like they have removed the whole mythical element to it. And if they have what is considered "believable" moves then it will be interesting.

    I feel a bit conflicted on it though because on the one hand it might actually be worth it on the other it might be too different to be recognised as MK

    I just said last night that I wanted to watch all of the Mortal Kombat movies again. This was perfect timing!

    To be honest I'd like to see a movie and game combo release which didn't fail miserably like most others.

    This is good. A back to basics approach is needed for the series.

    If it's a movie, then the style is complete
    win!!! Baraka looked insane!

    wow this looks incredible

    :O If that is real, its going to be the best video game adaption EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

    This definitely doesn't look like a fan-made thing, so it's either a trailer for a real movie (or, less likely, TV show?) or a teaser for a new game. Either way, this looks like an awesome direction to take the franchise in and restore the edgy, violent reputation that it once had.

    Wow, totally unexpected, this looks rather amazing. Didn't expect someone to go all horror/dark on a game franchise, but it makes perfect sense.

    Mortal Kombat: Rebirth (Short Film) (2010)?

    I don't know if a fighting game can be transformed into a movie. But I'm curious to see this, I would pay to rent the DVD or dare I say it watch the Cinema Release.

    Lateef Crowler as Baraka and Scorpion looks like Johnny Nguyen

    Looks like Lou Diamond Philips as Scorpion actually. Also, where can we download this from rather than a you tube link? I want to watch it on my PS3 anytime. A+ though, was incredible

    Ian Anthony Dale is Scorpion.

    This trailer looks awesome. Here's hoping they're able to turn it into a full-blown movie.

    I have to say, I wasn't that impressed, until I saw Scorpion's hook retract, where I loudly shouted 'YES'. This should be real NOW.

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