Infamous 2 E3 Trailer: Times Have Changed

I realise that Sucker Punch had to change the look of Infamous' Cole. But did they really need to change it to this? Guy looks like he should be dealing cocaine out the back of an Ibiza club, circa 1997.

Getting past that, though, other things have changed for the better, including the streets you'll call home throughout the game, which look far more vibrant and interesting than the monotonous ruins of the first game.


    i preferred the other voice actor, and if its the same guy i preferred how he talked in number 1.

    The first voice actor was better because he sounded more aggressive. The look isn't a change for the better and it looks more cartoonish than the first one - hopefully they polish up the graphics a bit and that the character design is just a pre-alpha mistake.

    Yeh, think they've changed him a bit too much. I believe it's because some critics were saying how Cole's look and/or voice didn't seem to match his character in the first game (which I thought was silly). Now he's got a racing stripe....

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