Introducing Innergy: A Game About Breathing

Intended to be a stress-reducing exercise game, Innergy, by Ubisoft, strives to teach you "cardiac coherence" through breathing in time with a pulse pattern on the screen.

The game includes a new "Energy Sensor" that will be used to measure your breathing and other vital signals. In the breathing exercise, demonstrated at Ubisoft's E3 2010 news conference, inhaling and exhaling moved a pulse within a waveform pattern, the goal being to synchronise it with the innermost band.

Ubisoft's Tommy Francois demonstrated Innergy touting all sorts of healthful claims made by cardiac coherence - immune system improvements, higher confidence, better sleep and better respiratory health.

But, yeah, it still looks like a game about breathing. It should have one hell of a set of achievements.


    I should be pretty good at this, I have been breathing all of my life.

      Awesome comment.... Comment of the week! Summed up my thoughts on this completely.

      On a related note, does that mean that we can now game (breathe) at work... cool.

      and i thought the vitality sensor was bad.

    I don't think this should be too greatly underestimated.

    Sure, it doesn't sound like much of a game (as in fun) but most people never breathe conciously and could benefit hugely from doing so. Maybe the fact that they can't even breathe smoothly and under control will be a big wake up call to some dangerously unfit gamers.
    I think Ubisoft should be applauded for trying something so different.

    It could work if it was a side-app or something that doesn't distract you from movie-watching, gaming or whatever other activities you are doing. But if it is a stand-alone 'game' with nothing else then I have serious doubts about how useful this will be.

    The reason why I don't have a Wii Fit is because I prefer exercising whilst watching TV; you know, doing two things at a time, not just watching some avatar doing the same things I am doing.

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