Is I Am Alive, Well, Alive?

Ubisoft's I Am Alive has long been a vapourware suspect, the length of time since we last heard anything about it leading most to suspect it had ended up on the development scrapheap. But now there's this trailer...

It's turned up online overnight, and since it wasn't mentioned during Ubisoft's press event, it has me thinking it may be a PS3 exclusive, with the trailer leaked slightly ahead of Sony's E3 press conference.

The clip ends with a Spring 2011 release date.

Or it could be a sham. Guess we'll find out tomorrow!


    Sweet, I've been looking forward to this game. I don't know about it being a PS3 exclusive though, there's a distinct lack of a PS3 or even 360 logo at the end of the trailer.

    We'll find out soon enough I guess.

    Still looks awesome.

    I seriously doubt it's an exclusive - 3rd party exclusives are few and far between these days, although I guess the PS3 certainly has more of them than the 360. But it's pretty rare to see an exclusive from the big publishers like Ubi, EA, Activision, etc, although I guess Sega have done a few (Yakuza 3/4, Valkyria Chronicles).

    More likely Ubisoft just forgot to include it in their event. Hell, everybody else had forgotten about it long before that :P

    Only on Nintendo 3DS. You heard it here first.

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