It's Dante Versus Deadpool In Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

This new trailer for Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds is a lot like the first one, with two major differences - Dante and Deadpool.

These two new characters, revealed via Game Informer last month, are possibly the two closest-matched characters in the series. You want swords, guns and a wicked sense of humour? Take your pick.

As for that fire in the sky at the end, I don't know, Pyron, maybe? Some other character with a misleading fireball effect? Perhaps more will be revealed next week during E3 2010!

Thanks Jay for pointing us towards the vid!


    trailer looks awesome

    Hate GT videos, half the time they don't load properly for me, and i just get a GT logo in the background with sound.

    Wow, Chris aganst the Hulk, I like it, ALOT

    Whereas I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! the GT videos.
    Excessive !'s are necessary.
    If there's ever a video on this site, my work blocks it, UNLESS it's through GT.
    So this, I can view, unlike most other videos.

    Sweet ever-loving fuck, I can't wait for this game. D:

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