It's Ghostbusters, Like You've Never Seen Them Before

Pachinko? Boring. One of our least favourite types of gaming. A pachinko machine with adorable little Ghostbusters and an official licence, though, well, now we are interested.

Fujishoji is releasing this particular unit in Japan, and it looks incredible. It not only recreates key moments from the movies - yes, even Ghostbusters 2 - but also stars a ton of supporting characters, like Gozer, Zuul and... the Scolari brothers. There's also footage from the films sprinkled throughout, though Venkman's dry humour loses a little something when he's dubbed in Japanese.

One interesting thing; despite the official licence, there's no Winston. You know. The black guy. What's up with that, Japan?

Ghostbusters Pachinko [Fujishoji, via Proton Charging, thanks Chris!]


    Glad to see something western is wacky enough for the Japanese to pick up!

    I suppose it always was really:

    Doeee, Rayyy, Egonnn!

    i thought it was ghostbuster babies....

    the resemblance is striking! As I recall the original did have bobble-heads to begin with, right?

    I'm about 3 minutes in, and I still have no freakin' idea how this game works.

    damn racist video games

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