It's Ladies Night In These Fable III Screenshots

Even if Fable III ends up being just like Fable II only with a few more bells and whistles, I'm still interested in it thanks to the setting.

Swords and castles have been done to death in RPGs. So have spaceships. But tights, wigs, tricorn hats and muskets? That's a lot fresher, especially given the slight whiff of steampunk emanating from these mechanical devices.


    I hope they fix up some of the character based issues. For example alot of the clothes clipped horribly or didn't fit right on the female avatars especially.

    Also the body shapes one could get in the engine were a bit shyte. There was no happy balance between an average build and a chunky as all hell build.

    Not a deal breaker, I'm gonna be getting Fable III probably on release day, overall I love the series way too much. I just hope they've addressed some of these issues from the 2nd title.

      Same here definatley getting it on release day for PC. Got my 360 wired controller too!! :D

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